Popular types of virtual events for 2023

Virtual events are still dominating the event landscape and will likely be an essential piece of every marketer’s tool kit.

December 16, 2021

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Here’s a closer look at the most effective types of virtual events and how Canapii’s event platform supports them.

1. Virtual conferences & summits

Large-scale conferences and summits that once took place in person have now shifted to a largely digital format. However, that hasn’t stopped marketers from seeing tremendous outcomes. They can tap into larger audiences, including those across borders, because travel restrictions and costs no longer matter.

2. Hybrid events

Hybrid events combine the best of both worlds: attendees can choose whether to participate in person or using virtual technology. Taking a hybrid approach to event marketing requires a lot of thought, planning, end tools. Event organizers should consider the benefits of hybrid event software that can keep a virtual audience engaged while simultaneously catering to their in-person attendees.

3. Webinars & e-learning events

Touted as the original virtual event, webinars and e-learning formats were popular before the pandemic. And arguably, they’ve only gotten more effective in the last year or so. Purpose-built webinar platforms make it easy to present information to users, take questions from the audience, and keep users engaged with polls and other interactive content. What’s more, our webinar software can record the event and make it available for on-demand replays.

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4. Online trade shows & exhibitions

An unlikely candidate for virtual events, online trade shows and exhibitions are growing in popularity in 2023. Considering that the goal of any trade show or exhibition is to generate leads and make connections, a virtual format is prime for the occasion. Users can quickly share information with vendors and companies, bookmark their favorites, and engage in live chats without fighting a crowd.

Event networking platforms like Canapii support these goals through customization and ready-made tools, such as integrated registration, networking features, and post-event analytics for hosts and vendors.

5. Workshops

Another type of event that relies heavily on audience engagement, workshops are shifting to digital as a way to reduce costs and planning time. Similar to webinars, workshop hosts can keep their virtual attendees engaged through interactive content, Q&As, polls, and more.

6. Product launches

Product launches are also finding favour with virtual event software. An event that typically depends on crowd hype and synergy, virtual software is helping to give product companies a wider platform for their launches. Brands can live stream the event on their own channels via software alongside any media outlets. Plus, attendees can share their thoughts and reactions via a live feed similar to social media, a feat that isn’t easily replicated in person.

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7. Live streaming

Live streaming is being touted as the intersection between virtual and hybrid events. With the right platform, you can live stream an entire event for viewers to watch and participate in real time. And when the event is over, replay your live content and break it up into smaller pieces to use throughout your marketing. Pick out the best moments to make a recap video. Turn sessions into snippets to maximize your content marketing. And most importantly, share pieces of your event to generate interest for next year’s sessions.

Canapii offers a live event streaming platform that helps you bridge the hybrid and virtual event world. Gain end-to-end event management with powerful tools and analytics that make it easy to stretch your event content further.

8. Virtual networking

Networking remains one of the most important parts of event marketing. Every event should be executed or attended with lead generation at the forefront. While many marketers excel at networking in person, virtual networking takes a different approach.

A good event software platform like Canapii makes virtual networking more effective. It feels more natural and fluid when users are actively engaged and know how to make the most of their virtual tools. Intuitive interfaces and thoughtfully designed networking features give all attendees and session hosts a chance to capitalize on an active audience.

9. Virtual career fairs & jobs fairs

The job-seeking process is a long road, but virtual career and job fairs are helping to ease the journey. Attendees can connect with recruiters, land interviews on the spot, and share digital copies of resumes without leaving home.

10. Podcast

Until recently, podcasts were largely an audio-only experience. Virtual event software has changed this, allowing podcasters the ability to add a visual twist to their content. They’re still on-demand and make your podcast available in a different format with very little extra work required.

Which of these virtual event types are you most excited about for 2023? Explore Canapii to see how our virtual and hybrid event platform can help you maximize every opportunity.

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