About us

Canapii is run by event experts who understand the stress that event organizers thrive on and the pressure to please attendees and deliver an ROI. Decades of events expertise have combined to produce a platform that is sophisticated, organized, and pragmatic.

We truly understand the importance of creating memorable event experiences. Curiosity, innovation, and customer closeness are the pillars driving our success.

We have developed deep technical experience regarding the attendee’s journey, both onsite and virtual because organizers and event stakeholders will only be satisfied when their audience is engaged. At Canapii, we know that it is the details that matter, not the gimmicks.

  • the right people attend the appropriate sessions

  • quality meetings happen seamlessly

  • sessions are easily found and booked

  • calendars are updated

  • reminders are supportive, rather than oppressive

  • celebrating winners

  • secrets stay confidential, and privacy is respected

  • local airports are recommended, and flight preferences are understood

  • attendees can select their language and time zones

  • organizers can collect as much or as little information from their delegates as desired

The pandemic has shown that virtual has many advantages over face-to-face events, and many organizers will keep this format forever. Virtual events have larger audiences, greater female participation, reduced environmental footprint, less time wasted traveling, better analytics, more interaction, and, of course, they are cheaper. Face-to-face events have their benefits, too, particularly in terms of relationship building and taking people away from their day-to-day lives. As a company, we support both formats equally, as well as those that are the hybrid of the two.

Canapii has been able to “give back” from its inception in 2020 by providing its service for free or at a low cost to good causes. It is proud of its role in providing support to conferences focused on peace, ethics, cancer research, fundraising, and the environment. Every paying customer of Canapii is indirectly supporting these good causes, and together we are a force for good.

This focus on “giving back” perhaps comes from the fact that it has four passionate and driven co-founders, of which three are women. A team that has run successful, major events across Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the US. A management group that knows how to handle customers when a volcano erupts in the middle of an event and the airport closes and knows not to panic when a demonstration turns violent just outside the event hotel. A team that can lead globally, navigate cultures and language, allowing Canapii to grow 24 hours per day.

Canapii is funded by private investors, which include Canalys a global tech research firm.