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Our integrated tools are designed to optimize your event to the fullest, ensuring high audience engagement, efficient time management, and all the tools you need in one place.

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What’s in it for you?

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Enhance your productivity

With enhanced integrated tools, we guarantee your teams productivity will be boosted. Saving you valuable time and money!

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Your audience will hit the ground running!

Using products within Canapii that not only you as the organizer are comfortable with but also your audience, will allow them to interact with elements of your event with ease and confidence.

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Deeper insight means more informed event decisions

Using product integrations within your event will ensure your data will be harnessed efficiently, which means greater insight for you as the organizer!

Flexible video conferencing options

  • Chime is already integrated with Canapii and is the default option for hosting breakout sessions and webinars. A fantastic easy to use interface which can be utilized for your event.

  • You are not limited to just one video conferencing option! You can use other third-party programs for your session provider. We really don’t want your options to be limited when using Canapii!

  • We ensure that all video conferencing which happens during your event is high quality, we want your virtual audience to experience the same event experience as those attending in-person!

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Streamline product integrations into your own tools

  • Any integrations used within Canapii are guaranteed to be seamless. Use payment tools that allow you to customize your payment process and receipts.

  • We provide tools that allow you to share content in your team channels. This can be used for tracking, notifications, and registration updates. These integrations are key when it comes to team collaboration!

  • Canapii understands the importance of ensuring that your marketing objectives are met. Our tools provide a complete ecosystem for your needs, which will automate marketing tasks allowing you to streamline and measure your marketing workflows for new and existing leads.

  • Talk to us! If you want to request an integration, our team can review the product and let you know our thoughts. It is our objective to make sure our customers are always satisfied when using Canapii, so we welcome all input and suggestions.

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