Event branding

Create an impactful impression and a bold identity across live and virtual events

Make your brand stand out with stunning, interactive event pages designed to amplify brand exposure and audience engagement.

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What’s in it for you?

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Build loyalty and credibility
A branded event generates positive emotions and earns your audience’s trust. Enable them to become customers or advocates of your event.

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Increase brand recognition
Create a distinctive style and feel that your audience can instantly recognize and remember in the aftermath of your event. A well-designed event environment can impress attendees and enhance your brand’s recognition.

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Drive audience engagement
Make a significant impact on consumer impressions, ramp up excitement and boost attendance by having a strong event brand.

Deliver a branded event experience of your dreams

  • Make your event more unique and easier to remember using Canapii’s white-glove service. Gain full customization of your event environment that can impress the audience and increase your brand’s image.

  • Create a fully branded event homepage to make your event stand out. Captivate your audience by adding exciting, interactive content such as speakers’ profiles, video previews, session graphics, and many more!

  • Choose a homepage view that suits your event identity. Canapii’s ‘playlist’ feature allows you to build, define and visually present sessions to attendees in a way that suits them best.

  • Choose any background or color to make your event page stand out. Have the option of switching between dark, light, or colored mode as often as you like to match your brand.

  • Market your events and drive attendance with strong email marketing campaigns. Customize the welcome emails attendees receive when they have completed the registration for different ticket types.

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Build stunning event landing
pages and campaigns in minutes

  • Make the most of your team’s effort by strengthening your branding to boost excitement for the event day. Empower your team to create captivating event landing pages or also known as ‘Microsites’ within Canapii’s event console. Seamlessly setup, edit, and manage your content anytime, anywhere with its self-service feature.

  • Drive registrations and ticket sales by adding ticket types on your microsite. Attendees will be able to purchase or register instantly with their preferred ticket.

  • Make your microsite more engaging by adding visually rich content such as event banner, promotional videos, speakers’ lineup, and more.

  • Design, run, and manage personalized email marketing campaigns in the event console. Canapii’s campaign manager enables you to schedule email campaigns to a pre-arranged mailing list.

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