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Virtual Arena:
The interface for your online experience

Our Virtual Arena focuses on maximizing audience engagement in the saturated world of virtual events and conferences. With livestreaming functionality that includes auto-captions and live translations, the Arena will ensure your event reaches a truly global audience.

The Event Console:
A powerful CRM for your end-to-end event management

The Event Management Platform (EMP), Canapii’s CRM dashboard, is at the heart of our solutions and an event organizer’s best friend. Organizers have direct access to quick stats and metrics, updated in real-time.

The Mobile Application:
Be ready for hybrid events

The Canapii mobile app started it all. Our digital tools originate from innovating in-person events, and we understand how a change to digital culture is driven by a simple, user-friendly experience.

Explore our advanced features and build all types of events


Manage delegates, create different attendee paths, sell tickets, monitor who signs up, drive numbers and more… all without the use of third-party applications.

Live stream and on-demand content

Broadcast your content seamlessly using a state-of-the-art live streaming system. Combine pre-recorded content with high-quality live sessions to recreate the thrilling experience of an onsite event from any device.

Live translation to any language

Unique to Canapii – translates your live stream to any language with automated subtitles, in real time.


Customise your event completely. Imagery, words, and actions all defined by you.


Bring. It. On. Bring some friendly competition to your event and award points for engagement! Get points for sending chats, booking meetings, visiting booths and more.

Dedicated booths and exhibition areas whereby sponsors can include branding and customize their allocated space.

Integrated video conferencing and meetings

Get face to face with one or multiple attendees at the same time with a cutting-edge video conferencing feature, all without leaving the platform.

Live breakouts

Ideal for intimate thought-leadership discussions and workshops. Multiple sessions can take place in parallel. Often used for smaller discussions or presentations that do not need the high production value of a live streamed moment.​​

Agenda builder

Build your agenda. Attendees can book into sessions or add them to their watchlist. All integrated within their own personal agenda.​​

Live Q&A

What better way to connect your audience and speakers? Attendees can react, ask and upvote questions, speakers interact with their audience in real time.

Polls and surveys

Poll your audience, live, and use as a surveying tool to gather feedback. A useful ROI indicator for you and your event sponsors.​​


Send instant chat messages to other attendees individually, or in a group. Messages can prompt email notifications to make sure conversations are never missed. ​​

Community management

Empower your attendees and allow them to create their own profiles. Engage them with activities and let them share their experiences in the event gallery.

Analytics and reporting

In the event console. Sophisticated live view of user behavior and event analytics, in real time.

Not all of our features are listed here and if it exists, Canapii is likely to have it. We have regular updates, new product features and integrations which are announced weekly. Interested?

Canapii's professional services:
all the help and support you need from our teams

  • Global, 24-hour ad hoc support
  • Access to help guides and event kits
  • Dedicated solutions architect and account managers
  • Event expertise and consultancy
  • Project definition, team trainings, in-person support