Welcome to Canapii’s partner program! As a Canapii partner you’ll gain exclusive access to connections, technical talent and unrivalled events support. Join a community that is passionate about events and dedicated to each other’s growth.

Partnerships at Canapii

Agency partner

Enable more clients by providing unparalleled events by partnering with Canapii. We work hand in hand with events agencies to optimize their events to be truly memorable through our exceptional support team.

Solution & Integration partner

We at Canapii have a culture of constant innovation. We partner with similar minded technology platforms, who offer innovative solutions to enhance engagement and overall user experience.

Why partners join Canapii

Client lead generation

We want to take that extra step to ensure mutual growth within our partner community. For partners at Canapii, we will introduce you to our existing clients, giving your business exposure to thousands of event organizers.

White glove support

Canapii offers unrivalled, 24/7 support for its partners. Our partners are empowered to host and deliver solutions that can address any customer scenario and produce exceptional events.

Access to event specialists expertise

Canapii boast a number of seasoned event specialists within our ranks, who are determined to use their expertise to ensure that our partners create the most engaging of events.

Become a Canapii partner