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Planning an event, whether it’s virtual, in-person, or hybrid, is a complex project that requires extensive organization and strategizing. The organizer console has been designed to ensure event organizers can focus on the core event goals, whilst not forgetting about the attendee journey and personalization.

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Comprehensive end-to-end management system

Canapii is an end-to-end system that can carry you through the planning, execution, and post-event data analysis stages.

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User friendly interface

We have ensured that all our comprehensive tools are intuitive to help you build the foundations of your event.

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Simplify all your planning in one place

With many moving parts in the lead up to and during events, a structured planning process is key to ensuring efficiency and productivity. Canapii helps you with tasks like tracking your attendees, planning your schedule of sessions, streaming your virtual sessions, and analyzing attendee data during and after the event.

It’s the details that matter!

  • Right from the start, Canapii allows you freedom to make the event interface personal to you. Create your own personalized menu toolbar, choose your own brand colors and imagery, and have the option to choose your own custom domain.

  • Registration features to adapt to any event! With options to process payments through Stripe, create unlimited attendee and ticket types and enable and disable registration with a click of a button.

  • Have complete overview of your attendee list, with the ability to import and export your data.

  • Use our own integrated campaign tool and send emails out to individual contacts or a pre-created mailing list.

  • Use our microsite feature and create your own event landing page. A great way to provide your attendees with an overview of your event. Include your ticket links, speaker bios, event agenda and any important event information.

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Setting up your event framework

  • Add content to your event! Create and set up the details of your sessions, create speaker profiles, add resources and FAQ’s and even create your own project page!

  • Our comprehensive sponsor zone allows you to include company information, boilerplates, images & videos and so much more! By creating sponsor admins, your sponsors can also have access to view their own analytics by giving them exclusive access to their individual sponsor zones. An invaluable tool for your event sponsors to help them track their ROI.

  • Track all 1:1 and roundtable meetings that are taking place at your event. Send notifications for pending meetings, block out meeting times, export all meeting data and facilitate networking by enabling matchmaking too!

  • Create open text or multiple-choice polls and surveys. You can assign polls to your event or individual sessions to gain valuable audience feedback.

  • Generate audience engagement by scheduling additional event notifications via email, SMS and in-platform pop-ups. Target your audience by their attendee type, filter by session or choose your own list of attendees.

Canapii is here to help!

  • We want to help you track the key milestone and successes of your event. You can view your session statistics, view your most active attendees, most popular speakers, most popular sessions and so much more!

  • Throughout your event planning you will also have access to our updated knowledge base and blog where we highlight all our weekly updates and provide useful tutorials on new event features.

  • Our global team is available 24/7 to help you with your planning. It’s important to us that Canapii provides you with all the tools to make your event the best it can be!

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