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Quick and easy registration for all attendees

Use an advanced registration system which is tailored for your event – whatever that might be. Made simple. Made scalable. Made smart.

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Get it right from the start

Canapii’s simple registration software is designed to help facilitate your event planning journey.

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Manage your entire registration process with us

Forget your spreadsheets and your notes. Manage your attendees, all in one place.

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Create personalized journeys

Who is invited to your event can be very different. With Canapii you can easily define registration paths for each of your attendees based upon their unique user journey.

The event journey starts with registration!

  • Create multiple tickets and registration links, customize welcome and confirmation emails and capture attendee attributes and questions right from the start.

  • Categorize and group your delegates together to promote differentiated content. Every event is unique, so are your attendees.

  • No need for third party integrations, Canapii provides a secure and comprehensive registration process without attendees having to leave the platform.

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Adaptable to any event

  • Virtual and Hybrid ready. We provide integrated registration process which allows for on-site registration check-in for all events.

  • Cut out extra work by simply duplicating events and registration process for annual events.

  • Registration is the best time to gather information and build out the profile of your attendee. You can facilitate matchmaking and networking at the beginning using custom attributes and questions. There’s nothing better than coming away from an event with new connections!

  • Global events bring with them a very diverse audience. Canapii provides fantastic AI translation capabilities. By capturing their preferences upon registration, your event will translate to your audiences preferred language automatically. This is really putting the customer first and not assuming that one language fits all!

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