Analytics and reporting

Track and measure the
success of your event

Event analytics is integral in tracking the success of your event and Canapii makes it easy for you.

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Take actionable steps and apply efforts
where needed

Canapii provides you with real-time analytics to track how your event is performing in real time. Make decisions as your event is happening without having to wait for your analytics.

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Save time and money

Being able to see a full picture of your events performance will allow you to potentially see where you can cut costs and drive forward greater ROI in future events.


Analytics is captured at every point during
the event

Find out the reasons behind the successes and make data backed decisions when improvements need to be made. Your event success is important to us!

Gain deeper insight into
your event

  • Our visual analytics dashboard located in the sidebar of the master console provides you with insights in real time.

  • You can view your top pages, popular speakers, top sessions by views, top sessions by ratings, active attendees and more!

  • Create survey and polls for all aspects of your event as well as individual sessions to gain greater understanding of what works.

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Deliver enhanced event experiences from your reporting

  • Your sponsors will value the ability to see their page and collateral views, which in turn will help with their ROI’s and future event planning.

  • Sponsors can see who visited their pages, who requested to meet them, how many times their assets and attachments were viewed and much more!

  • Track your engagement from the start. Canapii’s integrated CRM tool allows you to gain deeper understanding of communication methods as you can delve deep into email open rates and engaged attendees.

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