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Boost audience engagement and create meaningful experiences

At an event, audience engagement is everything. It’s the clearest sign to you, the organizer, that your audience is listening, tuned in, and learning something. 

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What’s in it for you?

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Gain credibility

Engagement reveals how your attendees feel about the event. It allows them to stay focused and gain more from their experience. The more engagement you get, the more credibility your event gains.

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Successfully engaging your audience increases their participation

With Canapii, you will get better visibility into your event and processes while securing you the valuable data and insights you need.

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Audience engagement starts from the moment they register

Canapii allows you to use polls, surveys and questions from the moment your attendee registers to find out more about them and what they hope to gain from attending your event.

Make it fun!

  • Introduce an element of competition by adding gamification to your event. Award points for certain actions on the platform and reward the winner with a goody bag for being the most active attendee!

  • Conduct Q&A’s, polls and surveys to find out what your attendees really think about your event content.

  • Integrate live polls into each of your speaker sessions to keep the audience on their toes. With the right questions, you can learn everything from food preferences to favorite speakers to how to make your event better and more appealing.

  • You can capture audience sentiments in real time using emojis. Gain insight into what they’re thinking, ask for feedback, and create personalized experiences.

  • When hosting a session or a meeting, use our interactive whiteboard to take engagement to another level. It’s a great way to increase collaboration and elevate the brainstorming process!

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Networking and building connections

  • A key factor of gaining audience engagement is by facilitating networking opportunities for all your attendees. You want them to leave your event with new connections and Canapii allows you to achieve this by having 1:1 meeting facilities, chat functions for attendees and sponsors and the ability to chat live and meet now with anyone on the platform.

  • Our state-of-the-art matchmaking feature allows you to recommend connections to your attendees based on attributes and interests. This is an excellent way to promote networking and engagement for your audience.

  • Canapii allows online audiences to really feel like they are going beyond the virtual screen when attending an event. Create live waiting rooms for guests to interact with one another before sessions. Hold live well-being workshops via our excellent streaming service to really get the audience at home involved.

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