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Deliver inclusive and holistic experiences by live streaming your event across the globe

Canapii provides you with a cutting-edge video conferencing, all without leaving the platform. We want to make sure that your audience experience the best quality streaming no matter where they are in the world.

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What’s in it for you?

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Increase your reach

Streaming your event live to a worldwide audience means it can surpass any capacity limitations an in-person event would have.

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Drive audience engagement

Low-latency livestreaming allows for better interactions with speakers and attendees.

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Broadcast your content seamlessly using our
state-of-the-art live streaming system

Make the best impression and put your best foot forward by providing high-quality streaming to your audience.

Deliver quality and engaging content

  • Choose from Canapii’s built-in livestreaming channel or use your own! With support for Youtube, Vimeo and custom RTMP, you can use your existing platform or services with ease.

  • Combine pre-recorded content with high-quality live sessions to recreate the thrilling experience of an onsite event from any device.

  • Multiple sessions can take place in parallel without reducing streaming quality.

  • Connect with the audience on a deeper level and maximize direct communications, virtually.

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Meet your speakers behind the curtains and broadcast to the
world with Canapii’s green room

  • This dedicated area allows both event organizers and speakers to connect and interact before going up on a virtual stage.

  • Go live using RMTP stream and share your screen, your videos, your audio or camera at the same time.

  • Queue your speakers and control the flow. Promote speakers to live broadcasts as well as pull them back into the holding room.

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