Break down the barriers of virtual fatigue and deliver a valuable experience

Engage your audience and boost revenue by hosting instructive, interactive, and inclusive webinars.

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Why host a webinar?

A webinar is an incredible way to promote your industry knowledge and expertise with an audience who are interested to learn more about your offerings.

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Streamline your entire webinar strategy with the use of one platform

  • Create your webinar template and host a series of insightful sessions – all in one place

  • Send tailored marketing emails using our automated campaign tool and increase overall attendance. An invitation without a calendar invite is not really an invitation! Benefit from our advanced registration system and make sure your audience never skips a session

  • Collect feedback, analyze your webinar data with custom reports, watch the webinar on replay, and make the necessary adjustments for your next session

Deliver insightful content on a worldwide stage

  • Go live, go global, using Canapii’s own high-quality livestream or a 3rd party service (like Youtube or Vimeo)

  • Allow for live AI closed captions to any language to ensure that your message does not get lost in translation

  • With Canapii’s green room, you can create a space for your speakers, moderators, and admins to connect and engage prior to being broadcasted live on a virtual stage

deliver insightful content
webinar engagement

Engagement goes both ways

  • Push your attendance into breakout sessions and allow for group work and collaboration

  • Let your attendees participate in the conversation by sharing their live sentiment, by commenting or asking questions in the interactive bar, or by raising their hand to speak

  • Speakers can easily engage with their audience by using live polls, surveys or hosting interactive Q&A sessions

  • Attach supporting material, post promotional content, and enable social media features to create an interactive online learning environment

Words from our happy clients

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