Hybrid event

Deliver the rich experiences
of a virtual and physical event simultaneously

Significantly boost participation and widen the reach of your live event by creating a hybrid experience

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Why host a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is the most innovative way to host a wide range of events such as conferences, trade shows, product launches, and more. By combining the virtual and physical landscape together, you can truly create a holistic experience for all of your attendees.

Why host a hybrid event?

Seamlessly cater for both in-person and online audiences at the same time

  • Set up on-site, go live online via Canapii’s event platform! Our team will work with you side by side on the day to make your hybrid event a real success

  • Offer live stream or pre-recorded presentations for virtual audiences to view and participate in polling or Q&A as if they were physically present

  • Make your content accessible for attendees at a time that is convenient for them with on-demand videos

  • Whether your attendees attend live or virtual, everyone can interact, chat with each other, participate in sessions, breakout rooms, and be involved in 1:1 or group discussions

  • Ensure a smooth sailing hybrid event with an event app that keeps all event information organized in a single place. Attendees can see everything from the speaker lineup to a map of the venue

Increase your brand’s visibility

  • Maximize your sales by setting up free tickets or creating multiple ticket types for your hybrid event

  • Increase the number of event attendees using Canapii’s powerful event management tools that reduce drop-offs and attract more people from around the world

  • Drive valuable sponsorship opportunities to sponsors both in the physical and virtual arenas using Canapii’s features that help them boost exposure, generate new leads and sales

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hybrid measure

Measure and understand both
your live and virtual impact

  • Easily check and analyze virtual and in-person event data all in one place. Identify which efforts are paying off and which are not using a fully functional event dashboard

  • Canapii’s event analytics allows you to better understand your audience and create post-event campaigns with the goal of bringing them back for next year’s installment or one of your other events

  • Stay ahead of the curve with smart event insights and improve the processes that land the best ROI

Host a hybrid event with the awards-winning platform

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