14 advantages of using a live streaming platform for your event

The hybrid event is here to stay. In the past couple of years, many event planners shifted to an online format for hosting events. And…

January 11, 2022

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What is a live event streaming platform?

Sometimes called a virtual event platform or virtual platform, a live event streaming platform brings live events to online audiences. Much like a live video feed, attendees can tune into an event remotely and even participate in Q&As and breakout sessions.

Virtual event software like Canapii is purpose-built to facilitate events in a hybrid format. We’re helping to break down barriers that keep people from attending events, whether they’re halfway around the world or simply don’t want to be in close proximity to others.

14 benefits of using a live event streaming platform

Using a live event streaming platform like Canapii gives event planners another option to increase event attendance, grow brand awareness, and maximize the impact of their events. Here are some reasons you should consider using an online event service for your next big event:

1. High-quality streams

Some attendees prefer the in-person experience because they don’t have to worry about low image quality or connectivity issues. But with the right event platform, these concerns disappear, too. High-quality streams make you feel like you’re there in person.

2. Greater audience potential

Expanding your event to a virtual audience allows you to increase attendance. People around the world can tune in from wherever they are. Plus, you don’t have to increase your physical space size.

3. Audience engagement

Using a purpose-built online event platform like Canapii turns a passive remote audience into an engaged one. Features like gamification and live breakouts keep them tuned in and participating just like they would in person.

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4. Content urgency

Canapii supports a variety of content types, allowing you to choose the best options for your event. From video to live chat to text and more, you can create urgency in your event’s calls to action in the way that works best for you.

5. Ease & convenience

Hybrid event platforms like Canapii mean ease and convenience come naturally — for everyone! For planners, there’s no physical planning or setup and cleanup. And for attendees, there’s no travel involved!

6. Analytics tracking

Digital event tools help you keep track of things like registration, attendance, engagement, and more. This is hard to do in person since it’s such a manual process, and even then it’s almost impossible to measure engagement.

7. Customer support

Canapii offers ongoing customer support to help your online event run flawlessly. Get help mastering all of the event software features and receive expert tips to make your event a huge hit.

8. Mobile streaming

Online event attendees can stream the event from their mobile devices, giving them even more flexibility for attendance. You can expand your audience even more when your attendees don’t have to use a fixed internet connection.

9. Distraction-free streaming

Canapii supports distraction-free streaming with its clean interface and lack of ads and third-party content. Visitors can be immersed in your experience so you aren’t burdening them with unwanted distractions.

10. Video monetization

Yes, you can make money from your online events! Complete suites like Canapii infuse a variety of monetization features. For example, you can charge for access to live events and replays. Or, set up subscriptions or pay-per-view options to generate ongoing revenue after the event is over.

11. Reliable global delivery

With no borders or barriers, the entire world can be your potential audience. Events can be shared around the world, thanks to sophisticated translation features and user-friendly formats. Canapii works on all devices in all countries so that you never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential customer.

12. Cost-effective

Compared to the costs of in-person events, online event software is much more affordable and more predictable. You’re cutting out several expenses off the top, such as venue space, food and beverage, and a large portion of staffing needs. Start seeing an ROI faster with the right event platform!

13. Privacy & security

Online privacy and security are increasingly important to the average consumer. Using an event platform ensures that your attendees only deal with one provider instead of several apps and APIs. Plus, video content is kept private, unlike using YouTube or other free streaming services.

14. Streamlined broadcasting experience

Using a dedicated live event streaming platform streamlines your entire event experience from start to finish. There’s no patchworking of multiple tools involved, which helps to create a consistent image for your attendees. With all of the tools you need to get started, you can launch your next event in record time.

How to live stream your event on Canapii

Canapii provides an all-inclusive experience for event planners and their audiences around the world. Learn more when you schedule a free demo.


Anna Blaney

Events and Marketing Executive

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