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Make your event inclusive
and globally accessible

Bring people from various parts of the world together through our platform’s multilingual capabilities.

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What’s in it for you?

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Attract a wider and more diverse audience

With translated content, you can reach millions of people locally and internationally with your events.

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Easy to setup

No complicated multi-step setups. Just simply enable AI generated translated closed captions on your live stream and video on demand sessions.

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More people can be reached, and more events can be hosted simultaneously in more locations, virtual, hybrid and in-person, without breaking the bank.

Ensure language compatibility
for your event

  • Tailor the user journey and make sure your audience access a platform that feels personal and inclusive. Help your attendees avoid confusion by providing event registration and landing pages purely in their preferred language.

  • Ability to pre-select a native language per ticket, allowing your audience to engage with your content right from the start!

  • Attendees can get the most out of your event by translating your entire event page into their preferred language.

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Empower attendees to engage fully, anywhere in the world

  • Add live captions to your video on a demand sessions that can be accessed by attendees conveniently. Individual video on demand sessions (pre-recorded video) supports multiple spoken language files, so attendees can choose their preferred spoken language from the list.

  • Let your global audience appreciate the convenience of having the platform’s ability to translate closed captioning into any languages that are both available on Chime breakout sessions and video on demand sessions. Attendees do not need to leave the Canapii platform nor use another browser to enable closed captioning.

  • Enables you to upload multiple files for the session, each with its own language label. Attendees will see the language options below the video and click on the language label to toggle between them.

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