Event management software to save you time and money

With many moving parts in the lead up to and during events, a streamlined planning process is key to ensuring efficiency and productivity.

July 20, 2021

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Ask any event organizer what they need more of, and their answer would be time and most likely budget! With many moving parts in the lead up to and during events, a streamlined planning process is key to ensuring efficiency and productivity. 

The pandemic has caused not only event organizers but everyone to rethink how they host events, conferences, town hall meetings or even their annual team building activities. The growth of hosting internal events was incredibly important during this time to stay connected. Not many companies have an event organizer at hand and that is why it is crucial to have an event management system in your companies’ ecosystem.  

We have been forced to re-evaluate how we work to become more efficient. Therefore, we do not always have time to input event data on excel, keep speaker bios on a word document, sending emails manually, and much more! To have the function of storing all this important event data on a central platform is key to using your time efficiently but also delivering an excellent event. 

Here is how Canapii can save you time! Canapii is an all-in-one event management software for event professionals. The software supports event organizers from beginning to end in their event processes and setup. With step-by-step guides on planning and setting up an event, you can plan your registration, content, networking, and attendee engagement all on one platform.  

The event console has been designed to ensure event organizers can focus on the core event goals, whilst not forgetting about the attendee journey and personalization. 

With Canapii you can avoid using 3rd party video conferencing integrations because we focus on ensuring events live only in the platform walls! Our networking and breakout sessions have inbuilt video conferencing, meaning your attendees will never need to leave the platform to join meetings or enjoy your content. 

Here is the good news and how Canapii can save you money! 

One of our newest additions, the Canapii Greenroom, enables organizers the opportunity to live-stream directly onto the platform without needing to hire an agency or use another streaming service! 

These are just a few of the features that will help to streamline your event organizing into one place, saving you the hassle of working with 3rd parties and ensuring you keep on top of every aspect of your event.  

If you are planning events for 125 attendees or under then you can use Canapii software free of charge! In addition, our subscription plans are built to suit every need and budget and will allow you to choose what aspects of Canapii would work best for you. We give you the flexibility you need in software that is backed by years of event organization experience! 

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Arnel Vacunawa

UI/UX Designer

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