The benefits of using event management software

Let’s look at some of the key benefits you get when you use purpose-built event management software.

March 16, 2022

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Event management software has seen explosive adoption since the start of the pandemic. Today’s meetings and conferences are largely hybrid and require a different approach to planning and execution. And even if you don’t have a virtual or hybrid event in the works right now, it’s always a good idea to have options and be prepared for the future.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits you get when you use purpose-built event management software.

Easier event management

A dedicated event platform makes the entire event easier to manage. From communicating with attendees before and after the event to conducting sessions, everything happens in one place. Your entire online event management team can use the platform to collaborate, track engagement, conduct outreach, and all the other little tasks that go into your event. This saves you from having to purchase multiple end-point solutions that only handle one task, plus it keeps everyone on the same page.

Saves time

Centralizing all of your duties and tasks into one virtual event platform saves valuable time — for you, your team, and your attendees. Instead of wasting time toggling between registration apps, email marketing, and conferencing tools, your entire event takes place within the event software. Plus, you save even more time since you don’t have to vet multiple solutions for every phase of your event.

Cut costs

Managing an event budget and tracking revenue vs expenses can be tricky without the right software. To maximize your event ROI, using a central platform can help you track every dollar in and out. Compare registration with expenditures and visually track your spending so you can influence your ROI as you go.

Increase engagement

Audience engagement matters — before, during, and after your event. Dedicated event planning software includes audience engagement tools for every phase of your event. Send automated emails to attendees immediately upon registration and continue to get them excited leading up to the event.

During your meeting or conference, use interactive tools to collect questions, poll answers, or shout-outs. From asking questions in real-time to participating in workshops, an engaged audience is more likely to take something away from your event.

And after the event is over, your event management software can keep the conversation going. By tracking and analyzing attendee engagement, you can customize your outreach to maximize responses.

And, as an added bonus, seeing how your audience engaged before, during, and after your event can help you improve and build on your next one.

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Analyze and improve

Speaking of improvement, event planning software helps you decide where to make changes to your events based on data, not hunches. It analyses audience behaviors and engagement metrics in real-time and at scale. This way, you can continue adding value to future events in ways that matter to your audience.

Automate your event

Event planners wear many hats, and it usually takes an entire team of event professionals to pull off an event of any size. So when you can automate some tasks, it reduces the demand on your team without sacrificing the outcome of your event.

For example, you can send automatic emails confirming registration as well as announcements leading up to the event. All registration data can be automatically uploaded into your CRM, reducing data entry time and the potential for errors in the data.

Freeing up your event staff’s time with automation allows every team member to give more attention to creativity and functionality rather than mundane tasks that don’t add to the impact of the event.

Display a greater level of professionalism

The image you present throughout your event matters to your audience. Every time they engage with your event messages, sessions, speakers, or branding, they’re forming opinions about your expertise. You want to put your best foot forward, and professional event software can help.

Using a dedicated event platform shows you’re invested in the total event experience. It creates a consistent, predictable experience for your attendees and your event management team. Plus, it allows your human staff to provide even more touchpoints with attendees because they’re not having to spend time managing as many details behind the scenes.

Take a holistic approach to event management

Bringing all of the moving parts of an event under the same umbrella — HR, accounting, registration, execution, and marketing — consolidated all of your event tasks. This makes it easier to delegate tasks to your team, outsource certain parts of your event to other vendors, and improve productivity throughout the planning process.

Technology has made many parts of event management easier and more streamlined. And in the era of hybrid and virtual events, using purpose-built tools for these event styles can help you maximize your event’s potential.

Canapii has developed its event management platform with simplicity and comprehensiveness in mind. Try it yourself when you request a demo.


May Dalumpines

Digital Marketing Executive

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