What to evaluate when choosing event management platforms

As you compare your software choices, keep an eye out for these top factors.

August 4, 2021

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1. Audience engagement options 

Yes, you read that correctly! You can now automatically break your audience into breakout rooms with one click.

Keeping your audience engaged is one of the most important parts of throwing a successful event. It’s the difference between whether attendees are satisfied with the experience and whether they lose or gain respect for your business after the event. 

Choose an event management software that offers built-in features to engage your audience. For example, look for gamification features that speakers can use to make the event more fun and encourage attendees to stay tuned. 

2. Allowance for hybrid events 

Throughout 2020 when only virtual events were safe and practical, many organizations began recognizing the benefits of a virtual event, like reaching audiences around the world who wouldn’t be able to travel to an in-person event. Now that more traditional events are available, why not choose the best of both worlds by having a hybrid event? 

The tricky part of this project is finding software that is built to efficiently operate a hybrid event. Look for features like a mobile app that can engage both in-person and virtual audiences at the same time, for example. 

3. End-to-end management system   

Planning an event, whether it’s virtual, in-person, or hybrid, is a complex project that requires extensive organization and strategizing. You can make the process (and your event) run more smoothly with an event management system that can handle all aspects of the event. 

You want an end-to-end system that can carry you through the planning, execution, and post-event data analysis stages. Opt for a comprehensive system that helps you with tasks like tracking your attendees, planning your schedule of sessions, streaming your virtual sessions, and analyzing attendee data during and after the event. 

4. Expertise in virtual events   

If your event has a virtual component, the stakes are high for your event management software. A single technical glitch could make your event inaccessible to attendees and ruin all of your planning and financial investment in one fell swoop. 

That’s why you need to select an event management software provider that has expertise in virtual events. Choose a company that already has a trusted reputation for running digital events smoothly. 

5. Customization options   

For your event to run successfully, you need to be able to control as many aspects of the process as possible. This is why you need event management software that is highly customizable. 

This goes for both the functionality and design of the platform. On top of offering a variety of activities and feature settings for your event, the software should also give you capabilities for branding the audience-facing areas of the platform

6. Accessibility features    

Virtual events don’t only open your event to people from all over the world, but people who could not attend in-person events for other reasons. For example, people with certain disabilities may find it easier to attend a virtual event. 

To serve these audience members, look for event management software that provides accessibility features. For instance, you may want automatic subtitles for people with hearing loss, or even subtitles that automatically translate your speakers’ words into virtual audience members’ most comfortable languages.  

How to choose the ideal event management software  

Throwing a successful event can be a tremendous way to build your reputation, connect with new leads and collaborators, and facilitate important educational initiatives throughout your industry. Your event management software is one of the most important factors that determine whether your event will be a convenient success or a stressful mess. 

Use the six criteria above to find event management software that has everything you and your team need. To find out how Canapii can help your next event thrive, learn about Canapii and what makes us unique.

eleanor martin

Eleanor Martin

Co-Founder at Canapii

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