5 new Canapii features to boost inclusivity and event engagement

Learn more about the 5 new features of Canapii to stay on top of virtual trends.

September 22, 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic surely has been a tough time for the entertainment and events industry on so many levels but one of the good things that happen out of it was that event organizers were forced to tap into their ingenuity. It has taught many of us how to adapt to new ways of doing things such as planning and hosting virtual events, just so the audience’s needs are met, and that the event can go on despite the uncertainties.  

For virtual events to be successful, you need powerful event management software. However, with tons of solutions to choose from, getting the one that best suits your needs can be tricky. With an all-in-one event management platform like Canapii, you will get better visibility into the event and processes while securing you the valuable data and insights you need. 

We would love you all to know how easily, quickly, and simply you can deliver amazing events with high engagement levels. If you are familiar with the basics of Canapii, we are hoping you will find some pro tips among the five (5) new features of the platform below to stay on top of the virtual trend: 

1. Build rapport using a welcome video 

Enable your sponsors to better attract and engage with attendees by providing them with a more intimate virtual environment. Instead of just placing a sponsor’s logo and description, you can now add eye-catching short video clips, animations or video presentations to your sponsor space which gives them the opportunity to tell their story and get their name out there while providing fun and meaningful presentations to attendees. 

2. Boost engagement using confetti text animation 

You have probably seen something similar when you type and send a few words to someone like “Congratulations” or “Congrats” then triggers a bursting confetti effect via iMessage or Facebook messenger. This cool feature is now available on Canapii’s platform. It is extremely useful for your audience in expressing their positive reactions to something mentioned in the breakout session. Like we’ve said before, virtual event success is all about engagement and having these kinds of interactive features in your event will surely win your audience hearts. 

3. Ensure a flawless matchmaking 

Meaningful networking experience involves a smooth and convenient matchup between attendees. Our new feature will help you with this task as you may now enable the matchmaking function in your event. This will help your attendees schedule meetings with those people who are relevant to them. Additionally, you may assign specific people to recommend to your attendees based on their networking interest. How cool is that? 

4. Bridge the language gaps  

Virtual events make it easier than ever to bring people from various parts of the world together, especially when your event management platform has multilingual capabilities. Canapii’s new feature allows you to upload translations to an on-demand video; and then viewers can switch to their preferred language while watching. Being able to enjoy the event in one’s mother tongue is incredibly the most effective way of creating an engaged guest experience that attendees will surely love. 

5. Generate online networking opportunities 

Offer attendees the opportunities to be remembered by potential associates, clients, and investors by taking their business cards with them digitally. Their virtual business cards can be shared instantly with anyone in attendance of your event – simply with just a click! It lands automatically into the receiver’s inbox, so they can easily view and save it into their contact list. This new feature makes following up a breeze and more efficient which in return can lead to powerful future connections. 

If you want to provide an incredibly powerful virtual event experience, do not be afraid to experiment on different event features. Sky is the limit for the creativity you can provide to your audience. By having the right and reliable solution, you can create an impactful virtual or hybrid event that goes beyond a computer screen. Get started with Canapii here.


Gemma Edwards

Co-Founder at Canapii

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