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Back in January this year, we announced the launch of our free event service. Since then, 41,000 people have signed up and created over 1,200…

July 6, 2021

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Back in January this year, we announced the launch of our free event service. Since then, 41,000 people have signed up and created over 1,200 events. More and more organizers now come to us, trusting us with their event planning and execution. We are in a business where we get to connect and engage with people, event organizers and individuals from all walks of life. We get to learn from one another, trade knowledge and insights from different sectors and industries, and collaborate on various projects and events. We gain so much from working with people, and in exchange, we give back.

That is why, as of today, we are making changes to our Free event plan: empowering all the smaller events, the not-for-profits, by removing their barriers to entry and improving their overall event experience.

From 75 to 125 registrations per month. We are listening, but how about you?

With the increasing number of events taking place on Canapii, we have more feedback than ever to gather from our users. Whether it is the design of the platform, the user journey, the available functionalities, we are constantly upgrading our platform and providing event organizers with the set of tools and solutions they need for their events.
We quickly realized that the smaller events on our platform were, more often than not, restricted by the number of people who can attend. Naturally, virtual events are becoming more popular, and subsequently, online communities are also growing. This is leading to more diversified event types and formats.

By allowing all users to create events for free, we are seeing events from all types of industries and sectors taking place. With Zoom fatigue and online boredom at an all-time high, smaller events such as internal meetings, or online gatherings, are now looking for solutions that provide higher engagement rates and more inspiring content. The shift from meeting providers to all-in-one platforms is accelerating, hence the reason why we upgraded the number of registrations for our free event plan.

What else is new in the Free plan?

We are getting bigger; we are getting better – so should your events. Surpassing the 75 people limit is one thing but providing an all-in-one highly intuitive platform is another. We want to enable all organizers to streamline their event organization in place. By doing so, they can create synergies and see the benefits of growing an online community and engaging with them through the means of one single platform – hopefully Canapii!

We are focusing on providing a seamless, end-to-end experience, for all types of attendees connecting to your events. All the way from customized registration attributes to setting specific content viewing groups, you can now entirely personalize the attendee journey.

Please find below a high-level list of some of the features included in your free event plan:

 Still not enough?

Although we have bumped up the number of monthly registrations on our Free plan and have introduced a handful of new features, we know that event organizers always look for the best, the most innovative, and cost-effective features and event management solutions.
Our existing Motivator and Driver packages offer a panoply of additional features and solutions which just might be more tailored to your needs.

Still unsure about all of this? Get in touch with the Canapii team. Our event experts are always happy to have a chat and assist with your event needs and journey!

eleanor martin

Eleanor Martin

Co-Founder at Canapii

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