Popular icebreaker ideas to try at your next virtual event

Ice breakers for corporate events have been a highly effective tool for decades. But how can ice breakers translate those same benefits in virtual events?

January 26, 2022

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Ice breakers for corporate events have been a highly effective tool for decades. It helps people get to know each other in a fun and friendly way while taking the pressure off leaders and attendees alike. But how can ice breakers translate those same benefits in virtual events?

Hosting virtual corporate events or even hybrid events require some unique considerations. Let’s focus on the ice breaker portion to get your events off to a rousing start.

What to consider when deciding on ice breakers

Ice breakers should be designed to make everyone feel included. With this in mind, let’s look at some key considerations when choosing ice breakers for virtual events or hybrid events.

Geographic locations

With hybrid or virtual events, your attendees may be spread out across several states, or even several countries. Considering where people come from can affect how well your ice breakers are received and understood.


Different time zones can also affect ice breakers. For example, someone who woke up early for your event might not be ready for something physical or thought-provoking.

Cultural background

Cultural differences can impact participation, too. Steer clear of anything that might seem like cultural appropriation or otherwise offensive.

Group size

Some ice breakers are better suited for small groups, while others might be ideal for large audiences. Keep engagement in mind when choosing ice breakers.


Even when using an online event platform, not everyone may be technically skilled enough to do more than listen to the event. Don’t assume that everyone will be able to engage with the technology tools you’re using.

Popular ice breakers examples

Not every ice breaker will be right for your virtual events or hybrid events. That’s why we’re giving you several options to choose from. Here are our favorites, in no particular order:

1. Guess the name

This fun guessing game uses historical or famous figures. Try to guess the name based on clues, behaviours, or characteristics.

2. Two truths and a lie

Pick a person to tell two truths and a lie. The audience has to guess which one is the lie. The first person who gets it right goes into the hot seat.

3. Tell me more

This fun game allows attendees to go several layers deep about themselves. Start with a picture of a country or state map. Ask one person to mark where they live or are from. Then have them tell something about that place and something about themselves.

4. Travel tales

Similar to Tell Me More, Travel Tales focuses on the city, state, or country where the event is taking place. Have attendees share all of the places they’ve been on the map, with each place they name earning them one point. The winner can share their own travel tale with the group.

5. Trivia

Trivia is ideally suited for use with corporate event software, especially if you have a large group. Use engagement tools within the virtual platform to post trivia questions and let everyone choose an answer. You can also break up groups into teams!

6. Home tour

With so many people working from home, why not offer home tours for those who volunteer? This gives a unique glimpse into someone else’s life and helps others get to know them on a different level.

7. Virtual event backgrounds

Virtual meeting platforms typically have a range of virtual backgrounds to choose from. Event-goers who tune in remotely may want to use a background to protect the privacy of others in the home. Turn it into a fun game where people talk about why they chose a certain background. Or, create challenges for the funniest background or the most creative background.

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8. Time Machine

This one starts with a simple question: if you had a time machine, where would you go and why? The answers can reveal a lot about your audience’s preferences and wishes.

9. Home Zoo

For those with pets at home, the Home Zoo ice breaker is a great way to ooh and ahh over everyone’s fur babies. Have attendees bring their pets into the camera and share a little something about them.

10. Champagne tasting

Champagne isn’t just for celebrations. Consider shipping a bottle or two to attendees prior to the event and having a virtual toast and tasting. A little alcohol can help build their confidence and get them talking!

Use Canapii for your next virtual or hybrid event

No matter how you choose to break the ice, the right virtual event management platform can make it a fluid, flawless experience. With Canapii, you get instant access to purpose-built tools that are ideal for corporate virtual or hybrid events. Keep your people engaged, help them get to know each other, and make your event a success! Learn more when you schedule a demo.


Gemma Edwards

Co-Founder at Canapii

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