Using video previews as part of your event promotion strategy

Here’s a quick rundown on the power of video in promoting your event:

August 24, 2021

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Promoting your event is no easy feat. Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, there are a lot of things that have to happen to get people through the doors and into seats. Most importantly, once you do manage to attract an audience, you want to ensure your event lives up to their expectations.  

Video is a great way to do all of the above and should be part of your event marketing strategy. Here’s a quick rundown on the power of video in promoting your event.

Video gives a behind-the-scenes peek at your event 

When you rely on static flyers and ads for your event, your potential audience isn’t getting the full picture of what your event will be like. Sure, colors and imagery can help to paint a picture, but it’s missing key sensory elements that only a video can deliver. Your audience can get a better understanding of your event when they see what it looks like in action, what it sounds like, and how others are reacting to it.  

Part of your event marketing should include a hype video, ideally highlighting footage and photos from past events. Or, showcase some of your prep work for the event to give viewers a taste of what’s to come. 

Focus on specific elements of your event 

When you’re using flyers and ads to promote your event, you’re limited as to how much information you can communicate at once. “Less is more” is the general rule of thumb since you don’t want to overwhelm your viewers.  
With video, you can narrow your focus on specific elements of your event in a way that’s better remembered and understood by your audience. For example, you might create a series of marketing videos: one for the event in general, one about the pre-sale, videos about specific speakers, and so on.  

Showcase the theme of your event 

Sometimes, people have to see it to “get it,” and video brings the visual elements that are often missing from other forms of promotion. Video captures your event in a way that traditional ads never could. Viewers can get a better sense of what your event is about and how it fits in with their goals.  

For example, if you’re hosting an inspirational, self-care workshop, then your video can reflect elements of zen, mindfulness, and focus in a way that appeals to multiple senses. Add music and imagery, hire a professional voiceover that matches the vibe of your event, and show (rather than tell) people what to expect. 

Connect your event with your target audience 

Events are rarely one size fits all. People want to know that by attending your event, they’re making the best use of their time and will get something out of their experience.  

One way to ensure this connection is to create a video that goes into more detail about your event. With more information, people can make a more informed decision about whether to attend.  

Plus, everything from the words you say to the music you use in the background will resonate differently with different audiences. Tailor your video to match the vibe of the people you want to attract. 

Get people excited to attend 

Every event organizer has had people register or buy tickets and then never show. Sometimes they forget. Or maybe they change their minds. To an event organizer, the reason always feels like the event simply wasn’t important enough to them.  

But think back to the last time you wanted to go to a concert, a trip, or some other engagement. Did you feel genuinely excited to do so? Was it one of the key things on your mind leading up to that date? 
We prioritize the things we care about. When you can get event registrants excited about your event, they are more likely to show up. A video that shows them what to expect can help them feel hyped about what they’ll learn and experience. 

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Gemma Edwards

Co-Founder at Canapii

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