How to create bespoke user journeys for your virtual events

Everyone likes to be made to feel special. With Canapii it is simple to create that unique user journey and wow your audience!

July 19, 2021

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Every person is different, and every event has unique needs. Organizers need to understand that a successful event is one that really speaks to the delegate. One that has been hand-crafted and designed for their personal needs. Everyone likes to be made to feel special and have something bespoke. With Canapii it is simple to create that unique user journey and wow your audience! 


Who is invited to your event can be very different, organizers need an easy way to differentiate and track the registrations. Be it your VIP attendee path, paid for attendee path, or media access path, with Canapii you can easily define all of these through creating a ticket. The ticket defines registration paths and how attendees register and access each event.   

Custom attributes 

Registration is the best time to gather information and build out the profile of your attendee. Canapii gathers basic attributes but understand that some events require different questions and fact gathering. All of this is critical to be able to offer the user a unique experience, the more you know about them the better you can shape the event to suit their needs.  

Attendee types 

By tagging your attendees as a specific type, you can easily define a personalized user journey to a bespoke look and feel of the platform. For example, you may wish to hide or show certain event elements to different types of attendees or sign post specific content that is targeted to a certain type of attendee.  


Global events bring with them a very diverse audience. Canapii can take care of this in the lead-up and during the event with its fantastic AI translation capabilities.  

Just think you’re hosting a global event and you can send out your registration in attendees’ local language and take them on the user journey straight to the event platform that is auto-adjusted to their local language. This is really putting the customer first and not assuming that one language fits all. 

What your attendees’ see on the platform  

Make sure you don’t forget about how unique your attendees are and how with Canapii you’ll have the tools to create that unique user experience. Using the above-mentioned features as well as others that Canapii has to offer, such as the playlist. Organizers can easily design a bespoke journey to ensure attendees find the most relevant and targeted content available for them. This is a great way to ensure ROI and happy attendees! 


Gemma Edwards

Co-Founder at Canapii

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