Using video previews to captivate virtual event audiences

Hosting a virtual event means having to work harder to keep your virtual audience engaged.

September 9, 2021

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Hosting a virtual event means having to work harder to keep your virtual audience engaged. It’s important that you capture your audience within seconds of them entering the virtual doors of your event! With Canapii’s new ‘video preview’ feature, your event page will be elevated and ensure that you pull your audience into the content of your sessions and event.

How does this feature work?

Canapii’s intuitive platform guarantees that adding a new video preview to an event is incredibly user-friendly. To find out more on HOW to add a video to your session, please click here.

As your attendees enter the virtual walls of your event, you want them to be engaged within the first few seconds. With the proliferation of virtual platforms and the abundance of online networking options, audiences need to be further stimulated and entertained to really be engaged at an event. Arguably, your event homepage will play a major part in doing so.

Marketers, listen up! Consider the event homepage as your website homepage. A page that constantly needs to be updated with relevant content, visuals, testimonials, logos… anything which might help to keep your inbound traffic engaged and bounce off rates low.

Adding a video preview will make event pages look incredibly dynamic as it’s more than a static image on a page. Think Netflix but better! Live sessions will be shown in the event page banner, and you can also choose to show a teaser for other pre-recorded sessions too. By mixing both static and dynamic content, you have got a recipe for audience engagement success. Food for thought…What if that highlight session on your homepage shows a different preview video based on the type of attendee joining for your event? Do you really want your sponsors and your paying attendees to be targeted by the same content? If you want to learn more about creating personalized attendee journeys, get in touch!

What type of virtual events could benefit from this new feature?

It is safe to say that visuals do speak louder than words. If you are hosting a product launch, then you can easily include a snippet of any length showing a teaser of your product. A great way of enticing your audience to want to find out more!

Canapii’s new feature is also a great additional opportunity for sponsors of your event. They can include commercials as a video preview and lure audiences to their specific session.

When an event also has multiple sessions, it’s easy for the audience to get lost in the content. But if you add previews to each session, it’s much more digestible for audiences to see the sessions’ content.

Canapii’s new feature truly elevates event pages to the next level. Don’t miss out today and host your event with us


Anna Blaney

Events and Marketing Executive

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