Canapii’s new features to make virtual events more interactive

Get more out of your events on Canapii with our 5 new game changing features.

April 6, 2021

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Get more out of your events on Canapii with our 5 new game-changing features. 

It has only been a month since we last presented to you our latest awe-inspiring, ground-breaking features and functionalities. The virtual world keeps evolving, and Canapii organizers keep demanding. This has challenged us to up our game and accelerate the pace at which we are introducing new innovations to our online event management platform.  

In this edition, we have come up with 5 new features and solutions to help all event organizers deliver amazing experiences. 

So, should we get started? Check out this month’s latest features below! 

1. The green room 

This is one of the most exciting features to have hit the virtual event space. The green room is essentially an area for speakers to connect and engage behind the scenes. Just like at an in-person event, you would often have the organizers and speakers preparing for their keynote sessions in the back room. With the green room functionality, you are now able to queue different speakers to the main room, allowing for a smooth and professional-looking meeting. Note that this feature is currently only available for professional service packages.  

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2. Custom registration attributes 

Creating personalized experiences for your attendees also means creating customized registration paths for your event. No matter the type of event you are hosting, you need to master the registration process. Why? Because it’s the first point of interaction you will have with your attendees at your event, and getting it right will ensure their attendance. Furthermore, you can collect data points, whatever they may be, to help you work towards your objectives. That is why we have come up with a list of registration fields you can choose from, but also, we have allowed Canapii users to create their own personalized registration attributes.  

3. Gate your event 

When hosting a virtual event, you want to make sure you know who is attending. At an in-person event you can control who walks in and out of your venue. Whereas in the virtual world, it may be a little challenging to fully gate your event, or even gate the different attendee types which will be present at your event. Canapii users now have the option to upload a pre-approved list of emails (or an entire email domain) that will be crosschecked when registrants try to sign up for your event. If the registering attendee’s email is not included under your ticket’s restrictions tab, they will be barred from registering and will be directed to get in contact with the event organizers.  

4. Polls 

We want your virtual event to be as interactive and engaging as possible from start to finish! That is why we have introduced enhancements to our current polls within the platform. As the organizer, you may now create polls which pop up during the session to collect responses in real time. You may also customize and brand the polls and announce the winners or prizes while the session is still happening. Our polls were first built to support the session and stand on the side. Now, you can stress engagement with pop up polling to grab attendee’s attention and get them participating. 

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5. Resource center 

We want to offer a platform that brings together as many features as possible so that you have everything in one place: whether it’s to chat with your attendees or even engage with your audience by creating polls. This led us to create a resource center for you to upload as many attachments including videos, photos and other documents so that your online meeting is as complete as possible.   

If you liked this article and want to learn more about Canapii’s features, check out last months feature blog.

Get in touch with us if you have questions or feedback on these latest features. We love hearing from the Canapii community how we can keep innovating to make our tools even better.  

Thanks for reading 😊 


Jade Leung

Event Manager

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