Canapii’s new features to boost your next virtual event

The virtual event world is constantly evolving, and we want to make sure that you’re up to speed with all the new features.

March 1, 2021

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The virtual event world is constantly evolving, and we want to make sure that you’re up to speed with all the new features.  

Since Canapii first launched, we set ourselves a challenge to keep on innovating and finding new tools to make your event as interactive and impactful as possible! 

We came up with 5 new features that we’re sure will help boost your event and don’t worry we’ve kept it simple!  

So, let’s dive in… 

1. Structure your sessions differently with Canapii’s breakout room functionality

Yes, you read that correctly! You can now automatically break your audience into breakout rooms with one click.  

Canapii’s breakout room feature allows you to split the audience of any session into up to 250 small breakout rooms. This is similar to the breakout room functionality you may have used on Zoom or Teams, but Canapii steps things up a notch and allows you to break out your audience from a live streamed broadcast or even a video on-demand. Think the premium quality of a live stream with the collaboration and connection of a breakout room in one.  

And that’s not all. You’re able to randomize the room allocation, or pre-populate if required. Need specific polls, or Q&A within the breakout room? Or to broadcast a message to your attendees? All possible – give it a go!   

virtual event

2. Fed up with your regular background? Try out Canapii’s new virtual backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds are not new to the world of video conferencing. But they are new to the world of event management platforms.   

We figured that, when on your meeting or breakout session, you might want to switch up your same old background. The new feature enables you to display an image of your choice as a background. You can also choose from a list of Canapii’s own backgrounds or go for a simple ‘blur’ effect. Feel free to try it out when on our next meeting!  

Meeting on the platform with Canapii background

3. Make your event more interactive with our whiteboard functionality

Ideal for organizers looking for a tool that allows for collaboration, shared working spaces, and interaction.

If you like illustrating your thoughts, this is the tool for you! The whiteboard functionality is an interactive tool that allows meeting and breakout participants to view and annotate a board. Your creation can be saved at any time to make sure no work is lost.  

Want to up the game? You can add PDF’s, documents, and URL’s as downloadable resources to any session meaning all participants can access and collaborate on additional resources too.  

virtual event

4. Want instant connection? Try Canapii’s new ‘meet now’ video calling feature

This tool is useful for the ones who simply can’t wait! You can schedule video meetings with other attendees at designated times or drop an instant chat message in seconds. But, if you want to connect with others instantly on video, the ‘meet now’ feature is perfect. Calls are private and can be with single or multiple participants.  

Canapii’s top tip: giving attendees the option to schedule their meetings, or ‘meet now’ means you are helping attendees engage with your event, and its participants, in a way that best suits their schedule. Remember, all meetings are integrated with calendar invites and email reminders meaning you’ll never miss a chance to connect.

virtual event

5. Choose a homepage view that suits your event identity

Canapii’s ‘playlist’ feature allows organizers to build, define and visually present sessions to attendees in a way that suits them best.  

All sessions on Canapii have a visual box meaning that attendees can easily identify content – think each movie box on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu! Canapii has three playlist design options to help organizers define how their session boxes appear to their audience: ‘Blocks’, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Popular’. You can choose the one that corresponds the best to your event or mix it up by using all three – get creative! 

Simple and streamlined, clicking on a box will present a drop down with the session title, description and speaker info.

virtual event

Dynamic by name, dynamic by nature. Dynamic playlists will make boxes pop when you hover over them making your homepage feel alive.  

virtual event

Shout about your most popular sessions, and visually show which are the ones to watch.  

Virtual tour and rows on the platform

Now, it’s your turn to give these features a go! Get in touch with us if you have questions or feedback on these latest features. We love hearing from the Canapii community how we can keep innovating to make our tools even better.  

Thanks for reading 😊 


Jade Leung

Event Manager

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