Who is Canapii for?

Canapii is the operating system behind your event.

August 25, 2020

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It’s for you of course! And for some, we are ready today, others will have to wait a little while longer.

Everybody organizes events of some type, and we have already had some interesting requests in our brief history. We have been asked to manage virtual weddings, birthday parties, and even a soccer tournament! We may one day have an off the shelf product to help you host all these activities, but regrettably that is not where are focused right now.

Our expertise lies in hosting Business-to-Business events, where hundreds, or thousands attend. Providing Return on Investment information is embedded within our data-led approach. We can host multiple high-definition video streams and deliver them with simultaneous translations around the world. If you want your event to inform with unique content, and have your audience to engage with each other, then we are the platform for you. Our integrated chat, gamification, and video meetings work ‘out of the box’ and the simplicity of it all will leave you amazed.

Our priority is to delight users with elegant designs and ease-of-use, plus we provide features they never dreamed of before they interacted with us. We can get no higher praise than when a customer says to an event organizer: “We will only attend your event if it is hosted on Canapii.” However, we can provide even bigger joy to those who organize events. Only those who have run events, understand the stress organizers face. Canapii takes a great deal of that pressure off your shoulders whether that is via secure registration, delegate travel, branding, and speaker and agenda management. Here’s an example: your live keynote overruns (that never happens does it?) throwing the rest of your sessions and meeting schedule out the window. Canapii allows you to push all sessions and meeting back by 30 minutes, and with a click of a button, send notifications of new timings to all attendees, and immediately adjust their agendas too.

Canapii is the operating system behind your event.


Charlotte Woodward

Event Manager

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