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Canapii, a platform designed to run all your future events.

August 17, 2020

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Today we are delighted to introduce you to Canapii, a platform designed to run your future events. Canapii is the world’s most innovative tool for creating and managing virtual and on-site events. Event organizers love its power to create in real-time, while users are blown over by their ability to consume information and connect with fellow participants.

world firsts including becoming the first system to offer chat, then the first to offer a live meeting system, then the first to offer AI-powered subtitles and translation. It is a solution that has increased the agility of organizers and made attendees happy.

Canapii was developed by Canalys to support its internal events. It proved so popular that many Canalys customers wanted to use the platform for their own events, and we supported that. Then in 2020 the events business became virtual overnight and everything changed.

Canalys saw the opportunity to pivot to virtual and to launch a new company. We asked many of our best people to sleep in their caves around the world and four months later Canapii was ready and available for the public. We could not be prouder of what Canapii has achieved, and the initial reaction is phenomenal. We are so excited to see how it develops over the next months, please ask for your demo now.


Jade Leung

Event Manager

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