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Our team have taken careful consideration in fueling these powerful features to boost confidence and empower event organizers to deliver a seamless event experience.

March 2, 2022

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2022 promises an exciting year for events! At Canapii, we understand how vital it is to improve and maintain a successful event management. Our team have taken careful consideration in fueling these powerful features to boost confidence and empower event organizers to deliver a seamless event experience.

So, do yourself a favor, and check out our new and improved features today:

1. Chime improvements and session announcements

“You may have the most sophisticated video-conferencing platform in the market, but if you don’t get the basics right, no one will ever use it.” – Gemma Edwards, Head of Product, Canapii.

With that in mind, Chime, a Canapii streaming provider, has recently undergone some major development work to tackle the top pain points, such as enhancing user experience on the platform and ensuring quality streaming.

Some of the most notable improvements can be noticed within the enhancements to the user interface, the introduction of new set rules and features as well as the ability to create session announcements. Some would even say: “It’s about Chime!”

Within the console, event admins will now have the ability to assign specific roles to end users:


Hosts now have all the power! With the full ability to moderate sessions, they can also control the recordings and the enablement (or disablement) of all cameras and microphones with one push of a button. If the hosts decided to toggle the ‘webinar’ mode, this will automatically switch off attendee cameras and microphones and only enable it for the speakers of the session.


Speakers will have the ability to adjust the quality of their video and enable voice focus. Voice focus is also a new Chime capability. This feature allows you to cut out the background noise while a participant is speaking. Speakers will also still be able to toggle on and off their cameras and microphones, regardless of if the session is in ‘webinar’ mode.

Along with the improvements made to the Chime breakout interface, such as the new layout, the hidden/visible options, and the aesthetic interactive bar, event organizers will now have the possibility to push out session announcements during their live event.

How does this work? Like YouTube, session tiles can be displayed during or at the end of a session so that you can help your audience easily navigate through the event agenda. If you’d like to steer your viewers into a new session or show them related content that they may be interested in, this feature will allow you to do so without needing to set up a session-specific breakout room.

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2. Roundtables – now accessible to all!

With the stability fixes and UI enhancements that went into Chime, attendees can now also create their own public meetings, or roundtables. Think of it as your way of creating your own podcast or focused TedTalk! Event guests can book themselves into roundtables directly from the virtual platforms, just like they would do when booking a session. Furthermore, these roundtables are visible to all attendees – even those that weren’t’ originally invited to the session. By adding session specific guidelines, all event stakeholders can now easily schedule public meetings in which all attendees are welcome to participate. Suddenly your event is more versatile and adaptable for everyone connecting onto the platform!

For example, if your live breakout session is running long but your participants have more to say, you can direct them to a roundtable to let them continue their discussion at a more convenient time. This is a great tool for hybrid events, it truly allows your audience to carry on the conversation and engage with one another no matter where they are.

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3. Your single sign-on options

With the increasing number of attendees and organizers onto the platform, Canapii is on a mission to making the registration process as smooth and as efficient as possible. In a goal of reducing password fatigue, improving identity protection, and increasing the speed at which users sign into the platform, Canapii users will now be able to benefit from single sign-on options for logging in and registering to events. Google, Facebook, and Apple are currently available, and LinkedIn will be available shortly as well!

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4. Create an on-demand zone for your attendees to come back to

As your event takes place, many of your attendees will face the conundrum of choosing between different sessions, between attending a session or joining a roundtable, or even entirely skipping a session because of another commitment they have on the side. Where you have put countless of hours in creating an end-to-end agenda for your audience, you will realize that many attendees will likely skip one, or two, or even more sessions which were tailored to them. That is normal!

However, with virtual events, you can make the most out of your chosen platform by allowing your audience to view the session at their own desired time. For example, following the event, you may decide to leave your virtual event doors open so that your attendees can come back and consume the content which they have either missed or simply have chosen to watch again. To facilitate this user journey, you can now regroup all the sessions which you have tagged as ‘on demand’ and see them all appear within the same space on the ‘Videos on Demand’ event tab.

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5. On-site attendance is now part of our registration system

Last but not the least, Canapii is introducing more and more in-person attributes to the organizer console. With physical venues coming back into the mix, our online registration process now supports on-site attendance. Within the registration page of your event, you can now create tickets and tag them as ‘on-site attendance’ within the back-end registration system. You can also manually update each contact record if an attendee decides to change his mind.

This feature would allow you to create ticket types which are for in-person audiences only. Dy doing so you can charge a different fee, tailor your email marketing campaigns and communications, offer a different virtual or hybrid experience.

As event experts who have had experience of manually printing and handing out badges, it is our goal – to not only make this whole process efficient for our users but be eco-friendly along the way. With a click of a button, users can create badges for all their attendees, allowing attendees to scan their QR code via the Canapii app!

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If you wish to learn more about hosting your events in Canapii, feel free to book a demo with us.


Anna Blaney

Events and Marketing Executive

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