5 new platform features to help you run successful events  

To enhance the event experience, our team has been adding new capabilities to our platform. Let’s take a closer look at these updates.

December 22, 2022

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Are you ready to learn about the exciting updates we have for you? Our team has been working hard to add new capabilities to our platform that will enhance the overall experience of your in-person and hybrid events. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new. 

1. On-site Control Panel 

The on-site control panel is a simplified version of the Console that is meant for event admins to use. The panel has two sections at the top: the Check-in kiosk and the event, session, and meeting check-in. When you create an access point (e.g., Meeting Zone A), it will automatically generate a unique access code. To use the access point, click the “Visit” button and enter the access code on the verification page. This will act as your login credential and sign your device into the kiosk that you created. Admins can use the access point to check attendees into sessions and meetings based on the settings you selected. 

Check-in Kiosk Functionality 

The Kiosk Check-in feature allows attendees to quickly check in at a tablet or computer. Attendees can either enter their email address or scan a QR code to check-in. This provides a convenient and efficient way for attendees to register their attendance onsite. (Below is the Check-in kiosk screen attendees will see) 

5 new features kiosk

Setting up the kiosk layout is simple. You can choose a solid color or image for the background, change the text color, and customize the labels and time clock for the check-in and welcome screens (or disable them entirely). You can also decide whether attendees will check in using their email or a QR code, and whether the badge will be printed automatically or manually after check-in is complete. 

2. Group Registration 

Your attendees can now register for themselves and several colleagues thanks to the new group registration feature.  

To set it up, open an existing ticket or create a new one and check the “Enable group registration” option at the top of the “Edit” modal. Once group registration is enabled, you’ll see a new field called “Max available registrants per group” in the modal. This is where you can specify the maximum number of additional registrants per session.  

You can also leave this field blank if you want attendees to have unlimited additional registrations. Tickets with group registration enabled will have additional options during registration (as shown in the screenshot below).

canapii features-group registration
canapii features -group registration2

3. Team Leaderboard

We’ve made gamification easier with our latest feature – Team Leaderboard. This enables you to create leaderboards that are more tailored to specific group of attendees which can improve the gamification of your event and increase their relevance for a team or a campaign. This will make your event more exciting and interactive, which can help keep your attendees interested and involved.  

To access this feature, go to “Step 2” in the Console, then click on the “Gamification tab” and click on Settings. 

To create a team, go to the “Teams tab” in the Settings page and click “Add team.” In the pop-up modal, you can add a team logo and title, toggle the status Inactive/Active, and add team members. When you’re finished, click “Save”. Points earned by members of the team will go towards the team’s total score. 

4. External Gamification

The Gamification page now has an external link that you can use outside of the Canapii platform. This allows you to share the leaderboard and results with others who may not be registered for the event.  

To use this feature, go to the “Gamification tab” in the event Console, then click the “Setup external page” button. This will open a modal where you can set the visibility of the page, choose a background color or image, and set the font color. Once you’re finished, click “Save”, then click the “Get external page” button to generate a link that you can share. This link will be automatically copied to your clipboard for easy sharing. 

external gamification

5. Chat Restrictions

It is now possible to limit who can send chat messages to each other at your event. This can be useful if you want to control networking.  

The process for restricting certain attendees from chatting with other attendees is quite simple. You just have to go to the “Chat tab” in the event console and click on the “Private Chat” tile.  

canapii features-chat restrictions

From there, you can set up restrictions for each attendee type. For example, you can allow sales attendees to send messages to guests, but not to sponsors. Note that these restrictions only apply to the first message. So, if a sales attendee is able to send a message to a guest, the guest can still reply. 

Ready to spice up your in-person, hybrid, and virtual events with Canapii? Contact our team today! 


Anna Blaney

Events and Marketing Executive

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