How to improve information retention from virtual meetings

You have just finished a video meeting that felt really positive and later that day a colleague asks about the next steps.

November 24, 2020

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You have just finished a virtual meeting that felt really positive and later that day a colleague asks about the next steps. You would not be alone if you then frequently find yourself struggling to remember the conversation from just a few hours ago. It seems the more meetings that you have each day in your home office, then the faster that you forget them too. Even worse, have you also noticed something that would never have happened pre-lockdown? Are you starting to miss some really important action items?

If so, don’t worry, because you are facing challenges just like the rest of us. We have all sorts of environmental cues to remind us about an interaction when we meet people in person. We can remember the chat in the elevator about our vacations, or which coffee we drank, or the weather, or what somebody was wearing, or the noise in the background and the smell in the meeting room. These cues, and many others, stimulate our senses which leads to a better connection with other people, and a better recall of what we need to do next.

At Canapii, we strongly believe that important meetings are best face-to-face, and they are even better if they involve eating too. It is our standard policy to take final-stage job candidates to lunch before we offer them a job, although that is not always possible anymore.

Meanwhile, we have been thinking hard how Canapii can improve those virtual meetings, and our best two ideas so far are to take a screenshot from each meeting (opt-in obviously), so that we can remember what the other people look like. Secondly, we are also enabling group and private notetaking. These features should become your aide memories, held within the meeting request on Canapii, and synchronized with Outlook too.

We hope these ideas will improve the productivity of the virtual meetings held on our platform and we are sure there are other tricks to discover. Do you have any suggestions? If so please let us know at

eleanor martin

Eleanor Martin

Co-Founder at Canapii

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