How is Canapii different?

We are different because we know how to run high-class events across the globe.

August 31, 2020

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Did we tell you yet about our features for attendees and organizers? What about how early we were to use Artificial intelligence? Perhaps you’ve been introduced to Fero, our super helpful chatbot as an example? Or should we tell you about our feature pipeline and how Canapii keeps developing and getting better? No, we probably won’t do that. We know every step we take will be copied, and we would prefer that was later rather than sooner.

We are confident our feature lists can match, and beat, the best out there. But we also know the feature race will never be finished, taking part is simply an essential part of the game.

We are different because we know how to run high-class events across the globe. The team behind Canapii has entertained and informed thousands of people from places as diverse as Shanghai, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Macau, Bangkok, Monaco, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Singapore, Taipei, and Hong Kong. We know that Canapii is the platform to make events operationally efficient, but we also know the importance of serving good food and wine too and that a hotel needs to be instructed to stop its staff juggling crockery just behind the stage.

This team of events experts is the secret sauce behind our success. We are a platform with global professionals who share their experiences and collaborate on your plans. Our people will join you onsite as well to make sure everything runs smoothly. You do not need to force your event to fit a particular structure, instead we can work with you to customize Canapii to meet your needs. Wherever you are, and whatever language you are operating in, Canapii knows what it is like to be there. We also have a native speaking team to offer support in China, where Canapii runs smoothly.

Please don’t just take our word for it, this is what one of our customers wrote a few weeks ago: “Please share my deep appreciation to the entire team for all their work and dedication. We are working with a world-class team!!!”.

With Canapii you are contracting the operating system and accessing a team of experts.


Charlotte Woodward

Event Manager

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