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A webinar can be an outstanding gateway to growth for both B2B and B2C businesses. You get a dedicated opportunity to create a professional presence…

June 3, 2022

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A webinar can be an outstanding gateway to growth for both B2B and B2C businesses. You get a dedicated opportunity to create a professional presence in addition to demonstrating your expertise and establishing a relationship with potential customers. That’s only true if your webinar goes well, though.

To make your webinar look professional and well-constructed so it has a positive impact on your brand and impresses your audience, follow these webinar tips.

1. Use a high-quality webinar platform

The right tools make every job easier and more effective, and that holds true when it comes to webinars. As you’re planning your webinar, choose a high-quality webinar platform that is reliable and professional. Canapii, for example, is a platform that is specifically designed for hosting webinars and virtual events.

A tool like this allows you to operate more smoothly rather than trying to piece together different technologies that aren’t actually designed for webinars. It also makes the webinar preparation easier for you, allowing you to focus on other matters like writing informative and organized content for your webinar.

2. Create professional marketing materials

Marketing your webinar effectively isn’t just a necessity for getting as many attendees as possible. Your marketing is generally the first reference to your webinar that people will see, so well-crafted, professional marketing materials will create a strong first impression. Design messaging and graphics that are skillfully created, on-brand, appealing, and informative.

With your well-designed marketing materials in hand, take advantage of several ways to market your webinar, including sending direct emails, advertising on social media, publishing information on your website, and so on. Make sure you advertise with plenty of time in advance, at least a few weeks, allowing people to set aside time in their schedules.

3. Include informative graphics

As you’re planning your webinar, make sure you’ll be featuring more than “talking heads.” You need to keep your audience engaged throughout the webinar, so incorporate graphics and demonstrations that add more visual interest.

These could include demonstrations of how to complete certain tasks, charts and graphs, and so on. If you’re explaining how to complete a certain task online or on a computer, make sure you use a webinar tool that allows for screen sharing so you can show attendees what steps to take.

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4. Choose your background and webinar setting wisely

The setting where you host your webinar is an important part of how professional your webinar looks. You want to have a clean, professional background that isn’t distracting behind you, so avoid filming in front of a wall with ornate artwork or a hallway where people will be walking around.

It’s also best not to film directly in front of a window. Even if it looks fine when you start filming, the incoming light can change throughout your webinar and shine sunlight into the camera. Finally, make sure you’re filming in a private room where there is no risk of interruptions or background noise. If you’re in your office, it’s helpful to hang a sign on your door letting everyone know you’re leading a webinar so they won’t come in.

5. Test your tech in advance

While some technical issues can be unavoidable, you need to minimize these problems as much as possible, as they can make you look less professional. Get highly familiar with your webinar hosting platform and other technology in advance. Test all the technology you’ll be using, including your camera and microphone, to make sure the audio and video quality are strong and that the Wi-Fi is reliable in the room where you’ll host your webinar.

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6. Be prepared for questions and interactions

Most webinars set aside time for questions and answers at the end of the presentation. Throughout your presentation, though, attendees may be submitting questions or comments that are more urgent. For example, your audio might be distorted without you realizing it, or they might want clarification on something you just said.

Make sure you have a way of keeping an eye on questions, comments, and other interactions throughout your webinar, even if you plan to save most of the questions for the end. This may involve having a colleague sit in and watch for questions and notes from your audience if you aren’t comfortable doing this while you present. Regardless, being on point and responsive will help your webinar look more professional and organized.

7. Follow up after your webinar

Your work doesn’t end when the webinar closes. A helpful way to put forth a professional and positive image is to follow up properly after the session.

At a minimum, you should send an email to each attendee thanking them for their attendance and asking for their feedback. You can also send supplemental materials if you wish like a recording of the webinar or the graphs and charts you used in your presentation.

You might also find that you don’t have time for all the questions in your question-and-answer portion of the webinar, or that some questions require more detail and time than you can dedicate during the webinar. In these cases, you’ll create a great impression by reaching out to those who asked these questions and giving them more thorough, detailed answers.

Creating and hosting a professional webinar

Your webinar can be an outstanding opportunity to build your image as a knowledgeable, professional business or individual, but that will all depend on how well you carry out the webinar. Seemingly small details like struggling to use your technology or being unable to communicate your point clearly could put a damper on your reputation. The tips above can help you design and conduct a webinar that works for you and your attendees.

To start planning and creating your webinar today, learn more about Canapii and how we can take your webinar to the next level.


Anna Blaney

Events and Marketing Executive

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