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September 24, 2020

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Canapii is global, so we able to provide support and development 24 hours per day. If you challenge us with a request in the afternoon, then often it will already be a feature by the time you wake up the next morning. We are nimble and agile and even more importantly we are tightly integrated.

Canapii’s headquarters are in Singapore and, as this is 2020, we have people working from their various homes. We are powered mainly by Microsoft Teams and Asana, and run on AWS. We chose AWS because of its global capability, including its ability to operate unimpeded in China.

We are a multi-cultural and diverse team, equally split between ladies and men. Our primary hubs include Singapore, the UK, Portland in the US, Colombia, Shanghai and the Philippines. We can conduct business fluently in the world’s three leading languages and provide support across many more. We are comfortable operating anywhere, and Canapii knows the importance of time zones and local languages.

We should also introduce you to a few of the key people driving Canapii, inside Canalys, so please take a peek at the bios of Eleanor MartinGemma Edwards, and Rita Chaher.


Anna Blaney

Events and Marketing Executive

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