Canapii’s new features to enhance your next in-person or hybrid event

This year, Canapii’s primary focus is on adding new functionalities and features that will help elevate the overall experience of your onsite and hybrid events….

July 28, 2022

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This year, Canapii’s primary focus is on adding new functionalities and features that will help elevate the overall experience of your onsite and hybrid events. Read on to discover about these latest updates, and how you can utilize them to plan and host your own events.

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1. Hyperdrive into hybrid event mode

‘Find yourself a platform that will cater for all types of events, whether in person, virtual or both – hybrid.’ – Gemma Edwards, Co-Founder at Canapii.

With Canapii’s new hybrid mode, event organizers will now be prompted to choose between the event type which best suits their needs and objectives. By selecting the hybrid event mode, users will unlock an extended list of features and functionalities which will prove to be vital in the planning and execution of their onsite events:

  • Locations and venue information

  • Hotels and flight bookings

  • On-site registration

  • Badges

  • QR codes

  • In-person networking and location tracking

  • And much, much more,.,

If you decide to change your mind in the weeks leading up to the event, you can easily switch between virtual or hybrid settings. Canapii’s event management software provides organizers with the flexibility they need to provide a holistic experience, no matter the timeline and format of their events.

2. On-site registration and badging

As crowds start to gather again in-person, the registration process becomes more complex as organizers need to accommodate to everyone’s needs, but also provide a simple and streamlined process for all attendees – both online and offline.

Canapii now allows tickets to be set as in-person or virtual within the event console. The attendance type of each attendee immediately updates once they have registered for the event based on their desired choice and profile attributes (with accessibility options available as well!).

To support the onsite process, event admins will also now be able to create template badges and customize them accordingly. These badges will be shared with attendees following their registration and can be either printed at home or at the venue itself – if you have the hardware to do so of course. You can contact us if you wish to know more about badges and onsite registration.

3. QR codes: check-in, lead retrieval and more!

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With a simple scan of the badge, attendees, exhibitors, and speakers can exchange contact information, making networking and engagement seamless and enjoyable. This can be an incredibly useful tool in tracking patron activity in your event reports. You will be able to track important event data such as the most popular speakers, sponsors and exhibitor booth visits, and much more.

The implementation of QR codes for onsite events can be utilized for numerous reasons:

  • 1. Onsite check-in: use QR codes to track whether your attendees have successfully made it to the venue. Once scanned, the attendee list will be updated with the date and time at which attendees have arrived at the event.

  • 2. Sessions: QR code scanning enables you, the event organizer, as well as allocated event admins to see who entered and participated in specific sessions.

  • 3. Lead retrieval and favorites: at the event, you can also scan attendee QR codes to reveal their profile. By doing so, you can save them to your favorites tab and reach out to them after your first interaction.

Canapii’s future road map will also offer greater enhancements to QR codes and the data that is retrieved from them. Lists of leads for organizations and sponsors, notes section in the favorites tab… Stay tuned and follow our change log for all the latest news and updates.

4. Enhanced networking abilities with the Canapii mobile app

The past two years have demonstrated that both event organizers and technology providers were able to find innovative solutions to enable and promote interactions in the online realm. As we circle back to our more primitive way of communicating with one another – being face-to-face conversations, we still need to remain mindful of all attendees partaking in an event; their preferences, their habits, their differing timetables, and more…

The advances made in communications and technology have allowed for more efficient ways of reaching out and connecting with one another – notably thanks to mobile apps. When attending onsite, you can easily schedule meetings on the go and take part in both in-person and virtual conversations. By bridging the online and offline audiences together, attendees will be able to meet, chat and interact according to their own terms and preferences.

Furthermore, Canapii’s matchmaking features facilitate connecting the most relevant like-minded individuals together. By promoting attendee profiles and suggesting connections, attendees will save precious time and may find greater value in their conversations.

It is also important to consider that not everyone will make it onsite to your event. However, this should not be a limitation to you or to them! By enabling the networking functionalities within your platform and event app, all attendees will be able to communicate and set meetings with one another. Soon, you will witness the appearance of hybrid meetings – where two people join from a conference room at the venue with the third individual connecting online for example.

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5. Information, location, and hotels

FAQs are not enough anymore… When planning an onsite or hybrid event, make sure you provide your attendees with all the most relevant information when it comes to flights, hotels, meeting and session locations, restaurants and more! By sharing all this information in one place, like the homepage of your event, you will save time on answering all those redundant emails which clog your inbox.

Within your event console on Canapii, you can add locations and assign them to specific meetings or sessions. Make sure you assign locations to all relevant sessions happening at the venue. You can always make last minute changes and update locations in bulk!

If your event also includes a block of hotel rooms or a recommended hotel, you’ll be able to save that information in the Hotels tab. Each hotel will have its own page for you to add information about the booked rooms. Once the hotel has been created, click ‘Add Hotel Room’ and input the room information, capacity, and availability. Each attendee profile page now has a ‘Hotels’ tab so that you can mark which rooms are booked by which attendees – simply go to the profile page, click the Hotels tab, and add their hotel information there. Hint: you can make a custom attribute for the on-site ticket registration page requesting the attendees’ hotel information, if you’d like. 

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Host your next onsite event with Canapii

As in-person events make their return, and virtual events remain, event organizers need to find the correct mix for their future engagements. With Canapii’s platform and onsite solutions, organizers can create seamless experiences for their online and offline audiences. Can you think of any other features you need for your in-person events? Do you need further clarification on any of the functionalities mentioned above? Reach out to our team today to find out more.  


Danna Velilla

Marketing & Events Executive

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