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Canapii is excited to have launched its new partner program. We will be recruiting event and production agencies, along with integration partners into our thriving…

December 19, 2021

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Canapii is excited to have launched its new partner program. We will be recruiting event and production agencies, along with integration partners into our thriving community. This significant shift in strategy will make Canapii the most partner-friendly event platform globally. This new initiative will empower agencies and technology service providers to grow and expand their business by offering Canapii’s all-in-one event technology and event expertise to their clients.

The pandemic has caused many industries to change quickly, none more so than the events business. For the last 18 months, event organizers have been hunting for the best virtual event platform; we are proud they often chose Canapii. Their choice was purely about software capabilities, as in the last 18 months, we were in a virtual world where customers never needed to meet their suppliers in person. Geographic location didn’t matter because anybody could be served from anywhere.

The future of smart events will be different because venues will make an appearance once again. Travel, hospitality, visa, and accommodation challenges will return.

The return to venues will dramatically change the balance of the relationship between event platforms and their customers. Suddenly, not all the required services can be delivered remotely. A whole host of activities will only take place inside the venue:

  • Badges will be printed and distributed to delegates.

  • Personal identification checks will become mandatory, and COVID passes will need to be authenticated too.

  • 3D maps of venues will be developed and incorporated into apps that will include turn-by-turn navigation

  • Bluetooth beacons and RFID scanners will be installed in venues to track the movement of delegates.

  • Collaboration equipment will enable video meetings, which will sync with the Canapii meeting system.

  • Sessions will be broadcast globally in HD, while remote speakers will start appearing as holograms.

The role of Canapii partners will be to fulfill the on-site requirements of the client’s event – whilst seamlessly integrating in-person events into the Canapii event platform. Our partners will be able to operate in every language, in every city, at any time of the day, in a way that a software company could never deliver by itself.

‘Our program will provide the tools to ensure our partners leverage Canapii’s event solution software and industry expertise – so that they are able to manage, measure and advance their events across the world. Partners will have access to partner-tailored selling resources and marketing materials, coupled with an unrivalled support framework – ensuring they have full confidence in tackling an event and building client relationships.’ – Charya Jayasinghe, Partner Program Manager.

So starting today, Canapii’s priority is to recruit partners across the globe, train them in Canapii, and enable them to be the best ambassadors of our brand.

We will develop a community that supports each other by sharing best practices and innovative ideas. We will encourage event agencies around the globe to work with one another. Canapii will focus on creating this ecosystem and will be differentiated from other event software companies by its consistency and commitment to this community. It’s our vision that three years from now more than 80% of the business Canapii does will be partner-led. We’re very excited by this journey and looking forward to working with all of you.

If you’re interested in learning more about Canapii’s partner program, please visit our partner page.

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Charya Jayasinghe

Canapii Partner Program Manager

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