5 reasons why you should integrate Validar vCheckin into your next in-person Canapii event!

Canapii is proud to partner with Validar to offer a best-in-class onsite registration and badge printing solution to our customers. We love the results our…

July 19, 2022

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Canapii is proud to partner with Validar to offer a best-in-class onsite registration and badge printing solution to our customers. We love the results our joint offering can deliver to brands producing in-person events.

Below are 5 reasons why you should consider integrating Validar vCheckin with Canapii for your next event.

Complete registration platform for complex Physical only events

Validar vCheckin integrated with Canapii’s registration engine provides a complete full cycle solution for your pre-event and onsite registration needs. Whether your event is 150 or 30,000 attendees, Validar and Canapii can serve your needs. The attendee experience onsite will be customized to deliver a great first impression and impressive badge credential. The badge is a conduit to our greater value.

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Eliminate time and destination constraints

With our combined solution, your event content can now be marketed in a live physical environment, recorded and then extended to serve a broader audience. Now, your community members can engage and consume content the same way they would a Netflix mini-series.

A more flexible and sustainable option

On-demand badge printing syncs data in real-time so that you do not have to complete registrations before the event to pre-print your attendee’s badges. Easily accept walk-ins and have all your attendee data synced into Canapii’s event management system.

Rather than pre-printing all of your attendee badges and then throwing all the no-shows in the trash, vCheckin’s on-demand badge printing capabilities reduces waste and expense.

Making a great first impression

The traditional method of checking in is starting to seem more inconvenient and clunky, creating unnecessary stress for your attendees especially if they are pressed for time or eager to receive their badge and reach their destination.

On the other hand, having a high-tech check-in solution in vCheckin, that is quick and effective, complete with on-demand badge printing, is the ideal approach to leave a confident first impression on visitors. They will appreciate the improvement over traditional check-in desks covered in a pile of badges and feel at ease being able to check themselves in swiftly.

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Capture actionable data for post-event treatment

Knowing the impact your content had with your community is incredibly important, hard to capture, and even harder to make actionable. Validar and Canapii excel at tracking attendee behavior and capturing the renewed interest for treatment.

Validar and Canapii, combine the best solutions for physical and digital events, all in one fully integrated solution. Call us to learn more!

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Charya Jayasinghe

Canapii Partner Program Manager

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