How Lenovo AP hosted their annual Top Gun training event with Canapii

April 12th, 2022 by
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About the event

Lenovo AP Top Gun event is an internal training program aimed at top executives in the company. Participants at Lenovo’s event are required to attend and watch training videos and undertake tests on different subject matters in order to receive their company certification.

The challenges

Lenovo was in the market to find a platform that offered custom branding and engaging experiences for their attendees to complete their training. The event technology needed to support over 3,000 attendees, who had to be assigned into different groups of attendee types, which would dictate the sessions and engagements that they were required to complete for their accreditation.

The event platform also had to support over 180 simultaneous sessions, across 3 days, inclusive of pop-up polls, interactivity, and high-level analytics.

Lastly, a core component of the event was the tracking of attendees’ activity. This had to link in with a checklist that attendees would be able to refer to, to ensure they had completed their core requirements, and also feed into a leaderboard that awarded badges for being in the top 100 most active attendees.

The solutions

To manage the requirement of audience types, we used Canapii’s attendee type feature. This allows you to set up unlimited attendee types and assign them to registration tickets or manually to individuals, which then auto-sorts these attendees into groups. With this in place, we could then use the ‘Target attendees’ function to assign attendee types to sessions, meaning attendees would only see the training sessions that were mandatory for them to pass their certification – this feature is an easy way to curate the attendee journey and agenda.

The client utilized the “simulive” session content option, which meant all 180 of their sessions could run automatically on schedule without any need for moderation or an event agency.

For the activity tracking, we used Canapii’s gamification feature and assigned points to mandatory sessions and pop-up quizzes to keep track of which attendees had completed the requirements. This data from the core gamification feature fed into a visual checklist on each attendee’s personal profile (a bespoke element that Canapii developed for this event). We also implemented some fun features to the event, including iFrame games for attendees.








Quick polls

The results

The event was very successful and well-received by all attendees. The easy-to-use interface meant that attendees could keep track of their event progress and ensure they were meeting all mandatory requirements for their certification. Notifications and polling were used throughout to help guide attendees on what was happening during the event and assist with navigation to sessions and pages on the platform. Customizations were used to meet branding guidelines and to add extra life to the event, in the form of banners, games, videos, and much more. This meant the prestigiousness of the event shined through, even in a virtual format!

Lenovo’s Top Gun program was also rewarded with a third place position for Campaign Asia’s Best Corporate Award.  

“Ever since COVID happened and all has gone virtual, countless event platforms have emerged, but none have come close to Canapii. Their flexibility, commitment and UX are bar none! So glad we could partner with them for our flagship event.”

Azusa Takeuchi

APAC Head of Strategic Engagement, Lenovo

MSSC Sea Cadets Volunteer Conferences 2021

April 6th, 2022 by
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About the event

The MSSC was formed in 2004 and is the parent charity for the Sea Cadets and Marine Society. The charity is made up of these two very old charities, which merged in 2004. Both helped young people to achieve more and make a life for themselves, often in very difficult times.

The challenges

MSCC holds its annual Volunteer Conferences at regional locations around the UK. Due to Covid restrictions, they were unable to do this and turned to our trusted partner Stream7 to enable the events to take place online.

The event consisted of 9 sessions taking place on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. These events were designed so that each region would have a day dedicated to them.

The solutions

This event called for a comprehensive online event management platform with facilities to host registration, live video, interactivity along with breakout sessions.

After researching many platforms, the Stream7 team decided that Canapii would be the best fit.

Working with Stream7 we created over 77 sessions including ‘main stage’ sessions where the plenary presentations took place, and also breakout rooms where MSSC staff presented on various topics.

For the main stage, Stream 7’s remote caller technology allowed them to bring in presenters wherever their location to contribute, whilst their producers used talk-back technology to communicate in the ear of the live hosts to ensure the event ran smoothly.

Stream7 provided live technical support to the delegates and presenters throughout the event.

The results

By streaming Stream 7’s TV quality broadcast into Canapii, they were able to provide high-quality production into an easy to navigate and fully branded platform. Stream7 provided training for the breakout sessions hosts to enable them to successfully host self-managed presentations complete with screen share and interactive elements.

All content from the events was supplied for on-demand viewing post-event, further increasing the event reach. 

Over 800 delegates attended the series of events with some great feedback from presenters and attendees alike.

How The Pennsylvania Department of General Services hosted their annual Procurement Expo with Canapii

April 1st, 2022 by
pa procurement event banner

About the event

Our client, Chavous Consulting was contracted by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services to transition their annual procurement expo into an extraordinary virtual event space to host educational workshops, networking opportunities, and an extensive exhibit hall for their 40+ sponsors and exhibitors.

The challenges

Our client was on the hunt for a platform that could support an audience of 800+ as well as a backend portal for their sponsors and exhibitors to build out their own booths and virtual spaces. The platform needed to offer an intuitive interface to support a wide range of user technical experiences and accessibility as well as a host of dynamic interactive elements to create an engaging, educational experience for all.

Each day there would be one general session that would then lead into 2 rounds of 5 concurrent workshops as well as a general networking session, a VIP reception, an awards ceremony as well as dedicated time for sponsor and exhibit booth interactions. With this structure, it was of utmost importance to select a platform that would support both large and small audience sessions as well as the option to have some sessions run automatically without the need for event organizer intervention. The platform needed to be flexible enough to accommodate last-minute requests from speakers and hosts to ensure the event functioned in parallel with expectations of a live spontaneous experience.

Lastly, it was critical that tech support on the day of the event be provided to assist attendees who are still new to the virtual event experience.

The solutions

To accommodate the high number of viewers for the daily general sessions it was decided to leverage Canapii’s Greenroom solution. The Greenroom gives event organizers the ability to build, manage, and run their own live streams. This ensured that the presentation was a smooth packaged broadcast tailored to the day’s topics with the ability to show pre-recorded videos as well as interact with the audience via the polling and Q&A functionality.

For the more intimate workshop and networking sessions, we leveraged Canapii’s included Chime conferencing solution. To spark engagement speakers used the interactive bar to get real-time feedback and input from participants. Attendees were able to come off mute and turn on their camera feeds for a more roundtable experience, all based on individual speakers’ preferences.

The event organizers also utilized Canapii’s gamification functionality to drive interaction and networking as well as offer participation awards and recognition during the general sessions and award ceremony. In addition, all sessions were to be recorded and stored in a Video on Demand library where attendees could access the content at any time during and post-event.

Using Canapii’s automated workflows to accomplish this proved pivotal in maximizing the platform’s efficiency while minimizing the amount of work needed from the event team.









The results

This expo was largely successful, taking place over 4 days, spanning two weeks, and boasting almost 700 registered attendees. Polling and Q&A functionality were utilized, increasing attendee interaction across the platform while providing important spaces to network and hone career skills.

Event organizers were very satisfied with the host of functionalities that were offered to them as well as their sponsors and exhibitors. Exhibitors and Sponsors used our sponsor portal to build and manage their sponsor booths before, during, and post-event. In-depth analytics were tracked across all aspects of the platform, resulting in lead generation for sponsors/exhibitors and crucial feedback on workshop sessions.

The “tech support” tabs present in each session were critical in quickly triaging any unforeseen technical issues and user errors that arose during sessions. Overall, the event proved to be a valuable experience for all users.

How Farm Management Canada hosted their annual Agriculture Excellence

March 15th, 2022 by
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About the event

After a previous platform underperformed, our client, Farm Management Canada, was seeking a user-intuitive and engaging virtual space to host their annual Agricultural Excellence Conference. The platform needed to host a mix of live and simulated-live workshops for both large and small audiences that matched the custom branding and engagement expected of a live in-person event.

The challenges

Our client was on the hunt for a platform that could support an audience of 800+ as well
as a gamification element to drive participation and engagement between attendees. The platform needed to offer an intuitive interface to support a wide range of
user technical experience and accessibility.

This three-day event comprised several live workshops and simulated live streams as well as two concurrent extended workshops each day. With this structure, it was of utmost importance to select a platform that would be flexible to accommodate last-minute requests from speakers. Supporting speakers who preferred a mix of live and simulated live sessions was critical in ensuring the sessions were presented as the speakers intended. It was desired that tech support on the day of the event be provided to assist attendees. The intuitiveness of the platform was central in ensuring the least amount of clicks for attendees to bounce between sessions seamlessly.

Lastly, the platform needed to support an easily updated video on demand page for attendees to access all presentations post-event.

The solutions

Since most speakers preferred to pre-record their presentations, Canapii and the FMC event team leveraged our “simulive” session content option. This option schedules the broadcast of a video file to look and feel like a live stream.

With the speakers also watching live and interacting with viewers in real-time via the interactive bar, it was a seamless experience for all users. The event team used Canapii’s notifications tool to show banner pop-ups that updated and directed attendees to view live sessions as they started.

For the live roundtable sessions, the team decided to leverage a Zoom integration that
supported both Zoom webinar and Zoom meetings depending on the expected audience size.
Due to the familiarity with the Zoom interface, this functionality proved to be well received by
speakers and viewers. This integration also gave attendees and speakers the option to join
externally via phone or the Zoom client app depending on preference.

The gamification element was crucial to stimulating engagement and was used to award prizes provided via their sponsors live during the event. A community gallery wall was also created to drive participation and connection throughout the event with the ability to post pictures and chat in the dedicated chat bar. Finally, utilizing the playlist and polling function to guide users towards the next session ensured that attendees were able to easily join consecutive sessions and sustained high viewer numbers throughout the event day.




Different ticket types





The results

The conference was extremely successful and well-received. Taking place across 3 full days the event boasted 860+ registered attendees. Canapii’s simu-live capability proved to be central in maximizing the platform’s functionality and running full sessions without the need for the event team’s attention. The Zoom integration was utilized well; seamlessly embedding a familiar interface within the Canapii platform that catered to speakers’ need to feel confident in taking their presentations to the virtual space. Notifications and polling were customized to efficiently signpost and guide attendees into additional sessions.

The intuitive structure of the platform resulted in minimal technical support requests and the
ability to live update homepage sessions, ensuring a clear interface that updated throughout
the day. Page customizations were used to highlight sponsors on different pages leading to
increased exposure for sponsors and additional revenue offers for the event team. Overall, the event functioned like a well-oiled machine resulting in high session ratings and platform usage all tracked via Canapii’s event analytics.

“Thank you so much for your patience and dedication to AgEx. You helped us each and every step of the way, were very patient in doing so, and helped to make it a success”

Nick Oakley

Farm Management Canada

How BMG proved that virtual events can be fun, and totally on-brand!

February 7th, 2022 by
bmg event banner

About the event

BMG is a new kind of music company for a new world. They have a strong brand identity and a reputation based on fairness and transparency in the music industry, serving artists and writers worldwide.

BMG needed an interactive virtual platform to host their Christmas party, which due to the covid-19 pandemic, would include employees from across Europe and various departments for the very first time!

The challenges

The platform needed to allow for interaction and connection, an opportunity to catch up with familiar as well as new faces but on top of that, it couldn’t feel like a typical internal meeting. It needed to provide that escapism to a fun Christmas party, even though they would all be joining from their own homes during a pandemic.

As well as the event needing to be fun, BMG wanted to make sure that it represented them. Not only in its branding but also in its set-up and what the platform could do.

BMG knew exactly what tools they needed for their event to be a success, the live stream, the breakout rooms, the gamification, and so on. But they also needed a platform that would allow them to make use of those tools in a way that suited them, whilst also having the technical support, event expertise, and a fully customizable platform to deliver that.

“We wanted to allow groups to chat, hang out, listen to music or take part in games and quizzes without having restrictions in place on how long they had to join each room or activity.”

Jess Dowling

Office Manager, BMG

The solutions

The live stream session was a great place to start the party as it allowed for that mass connection, all attendees hearing the Company end-of-year updates and announcements together. Awards and recognitions were shared and celebrated together via instant emotive reactions, and live chat.

BMG made full use of the breakout rooms and content options available, with various activities such as live cooking lessons and quizzes to participate in or hang out rooms for those who just wanted to chat or enjoy music. Additionally, they had video on demand music playlists as well as a Fundraiser, all within the platform walls.

The Canapii team provided BMG with the freedom to include activities and sessions perfect for their attendees. They weren’t restricted to a set number of activities and were able to create multiple hangouts to cater to all tastes. Rehearsal and tests for the more intricate sessions and activities made sure that everything ran smoothly on the night.

“It had to be a BMG event, hosted by a virtual platform, not a virtual event that BMG booked, and Canapii gave us exactly that.”

Paul Schafer

Office Manager, BMG

The results

The freedom that attendees had during the event was a highlight and the engagement seen across the platform was great. Live polls and quizzes were extremely popular, with 52 attendees fully immersed in a challenging music quiz!

A really special element of the party was the live DJ sets which not only allowed attendees to get in the much-needed party vibe but allowed BMG DJs to play their music to real live audiences for the first time in a long time. There were still 100+ active on the platform well into the after-party hours!

“300 BMG employees joined the Christmas Party and the feedback has been fantastic. Even now, a month later I’m still receiving messages to thank us for what we created”.

Paul Schafer

Office Manager, BMG

How WoCoVA used Canapii to bring together the World’s best scientists; to learn about and improve on Vascular access patient care

February 4th, 2022 by
wocova event banner

About the event

The World Congress on Vascular Access (WoCoVA ) is a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional foundation promoting science and practice of vascular access. Professionals from all over the world join to share the latest research innovations with all stakeholders, including medical professionals and scientists.

The 6th WoCoVA was to be held in a virtual format, using the Canapii platform. This was to be the first edition where the event would be delivered in this format.

The challenges

The objective was to organize a scientific meeting where the best scientists from the world present the latest outcomes on Vascular Access in order to further improve the quality of Vascular Access for all patients Worldwide. Next to this, to create an environment where scientists, VA-specialists, and VA-producing companies come together to learn from each other.

The main challenge of course was that this event had always traditionally been delivered in person, with attendees able to visit different stakeholders in a trade-show format, as well as attend expert-led lectures on specific topics. The Canapii platform would need to combine these elements virtually, whilst ensuring the interactivity of the attendees with the stakeholders remained. It would also need to be easy to navigate and fit the brand of this long-established medical conference.

Why Canapii?

‘’We originally wanted to do a physical meeting, but because of the corona pandemic we had to decide to go to a full virtual meeting. We looked at different platforms to run our scientific meeting which could deliver the different aspects we wanted to provide to our attendees and our sponsors. Canapii was the one that we believed would be able to deliver the different aspects we were looking for’’

Toine Hulshof


The solutions

The Canapii platform was still at the beginning of its evolution in terms of the elements that the WoCoVA team would be looking to offer their attendees. But the Canapii team worked closely with the WoCoVA team in order to create the tools and items that were necessary. This included a custom sponsor area, more visually appropriate to their event set-up, and an onboarding process that would guide attendees on how to use the Canapii platform when they first accessed it. It also included an integrated scientific poster submission and review hall.

WoCoVA also made use of the live streaming capabilities of Canapii, meaning that they could exactly replicate the event’s usual live content agenda in a virtual arena, with 4 content stages running simultaneously.

The results




live sessions




Scientific posters were submitted

“We would definitely work with Canapii again. The support was good and in time, such that we could deliver at the congress dates with a platform that looked professional, completely on brand and worked well.”

Ton van Boxtel


How Nord Anglia hosted their annual educational summit with Canapii

February 4th, 2022 by
Nord Anglia education summit banner

About the event

Nord Anglia is a premium provider of international day and boarding schools, located across 31 countries worldwide and approached Canapii to host their 2021, annual Educational Summit. The platform needed to host a series of live webinars and one-on-one meetings for a large audience; equally, the solution had to be user-friendly and required accessible features such as translation and the ability to adjust the time zone to ensure that it was meeting the global audiences’ requirements.

The challenges

With approximately 500 attendees joining, our client’s main objective was to find a platform to host multiple, concurrent sessions which could be streamed across different time zones. Equally, the platform needed to offer an intuitive interface to support a wide range of user technical experience and accessibility.

Our client also needed a platform that could accommodate meetings with different attendee types two weeks prior to the Summit. It was important to our client that speakers could access their sessions with ease and confidence. As there were numerous back-to-back sessions, it was decided that Canapii would provide tech support to ensure sessions were running smoothly and without any technical difficulties.

Lastly, our clients requested that the platform be open for 30 days after the event, so the platform needed to support sessions being accessible after the Summit had ended.

The solutions

As the event was being set up, we soon stumbled across the technical complications surrounding the Chinese firewall. We realized that a large proportion of the audience would be connecting from Chengdu, China. Many video conferencing solutions don’t meet the requirements of Chinese standards and regulations; therefore, this could prevent some speakers from representing throughout the summit. Our technical team jumped into action to identify a viable, work-around solution and realized that by integrating and utilizing Zoom to host these specific sessions, it would enable such speakers, to engage throughout the event. Furthermore, by integrating Zoom, it allowed familiarity within the platform for all speakers to lead their sessions.

To accommodate our clients’ meetings request, we ensured the platform went live two weeks prior to the event date and restricted networking between certain attendee types.

“We feel that Canapii went above and beyond in terms of support, both pre-event and during the event. We are very grateful for their support.”

George Warshaw

Regional Recruitment Director, Nord Anglia Education

The results

The three-day event saw Canapii host over 40 one-to-one meetings and sessions. It was desired that tech support on the day of the event would be provided by Canapii. Members of the Canapii team sat in on each session to go through technical checks and provide support where required however, the intuitiveness of the platform meant that very little support was required, while live in session.

The post-event analytics have proven that the Summit was a success. The first live session received over 217 views which set incredible precedence for the event to follow. The meeting feature was showcased on the landing page, as a secondary highlight banner to ensure its accessibility.

Nord Anglia’s request to restrict networking amongst certain attendee types was also fulfilled. This was done by ensuring that networking was disabled for VIP speakers and that other attendee types were restricted from setting up meetings within their own teams. This was a huge networking opportunity for Partners and Nord Anglia, so this was a key feature for our client.

Canapii also ensured all sessions were recorded so that they could be later downloaded to Nord Anglia’s chosen streaming channel. This can then be accessed via a URL on each session’s tile on the main event page. Lastly, the Zoom integration was utilized well; seamlessly embedding a familiar interface within the Canapii platform that catered to speakers’ need to feel confident in taking their presentations to the virtual space.

Nord Anglia’s reception and feedback to Canapii were great. They commented on Canapii’s user-friendly and intuitive console which allowed them to apply branding & personal touches throughout.

“First & foremost our Account Manager was an absolute superstar, and we don’t think the event would have been a success without her.”

George Warshaw

Regional Recruitment Director, Nord Anglia Education

How Canalys hosted their annual event series with Canapii

February 3rd, 2022 by
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About the event

Canalys, a channels-focused IT research firm, hosts their Canalys Forums conferences every year in EMEA, LATAM and APAC. When the pandemic hit, they had to pivot to virtual and bring to the forefront the qualities of their physical event in the virtual world. They needed the platform to be accessible globally, have high levels of engagement and have the ability to host simulated-live sessions and live roundtables open to all 1,500+ registered executives.

The challenges

Our client required a simple to navigate interface, that enabled attendees to curate their own schedules from an agenda of 30+ sessions across the 3 days.

The platform needed to host a mix of simulated-live sessions and live workshops. Each workshop had up to 15 speakers, with an audience between 90-120. They also required an auto-breakout option on each live session to encourage interaction and engagement.

On top of the content, they also had 30+ exhibitors in each region, so required a comprehensive exhibitor zone, with the ability for sponsors to build their own page.

The solutions

As the event had many sessions that needed to be run at specific timings, we used our simulated-live content option, which allows event organizers to upload pre-recorded videos and have them play at a specific time.

This also gives attendees the feeling that the event and sessions are live. For the workshops, the client utilized the Chime breakout integration on Canapii. Speakers could join a session, on video, to engage in industry-topic conversations live with an event audience.

Using the Chime webinar function, the live audience remained off-camera and muted, and for Q&A could use the dedicated interactive bar on the session page.

Canalys also used our auto breakout feature, so they could split the audience into smaller rooms with the speakers to engage further on the topic for 10 minutes, before being moved back into the main discussion again – this kept the sessions engaging and fluid. For their sponsors, Canalys utilized Canapii’s inbuilt sponsor zone feature. Event organizers could give sponsors admin rights to build their own pages, where they can add banners, videos, PDF’s, presentations, podcasts, etc. This gave autonomy to sponsors and saved the organizers a lot of time.







The results

With 4,350+ attendees globally, the events were a success and Canalys received high praise from their attendees. The flexibility of content and session types on Canapii made it possible for them to host a range of sessions, ensuring
attendees were receiving the most high-level engagement and content with Canalys and each other.

With participants from across the world, the AI translation functionalities and time zone
feature were a welcome addition to the event. Canalys’ use of the agenda builder and
playlist rows meant attendees could navigate and book sessions of interest to them, enabling senior executives to carve time out of their day to tune in.

Lastly, Canalys was able to maintain the level of engagement that they get at their in-person events by utilizing two features on Canapii. The gamification and the interactive 5KM run page. Canalys could track the ‘most active attendee’ using the gamification feature and leaderboards on Canapii; points for being active on the platform totaled over 1,400,000.

They also made use of the 5KM run page, keeping their morning run tradition alive.
Attendees could run/walk/bike and upload their activity on the event platform, where they had a tally of total KMs completed and a leaderboard – a fun interactive element of a very busy event!

“The Canapii platform is extremely intuitive, and with the help of the Canapii team we were able to bring the Canalys events to the industry in 2021. Without Canapii and its unique features and flexible team we couldn’t have pulled this off! Thank you!”

Gemma Edwards

VP of Events, Canalys