How UNDP hosted their onsite Citizen Security Week event with Canapii

UNDP Infosegura

About the event

Organized within the framework of the Infosegura Regional Project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), this two-day event was hosted in the City of Antigua, Guatemala. Twenty-five (25) specialists from various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and the United States presented innovative initiatives and tools aimed at improving citizen security, social cohesion and justice. The opening day was attended by the Former President of Costa Rica, Dr. Laura Chinchilla Miranda, as well as ministers and vice ministers of citizen security and justice of Central America and the Dominican Republic. 

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The challenges

Our client was on the hunt for a platform that could support their fourteen (14) in-room presentations and provide attendees with interactive elements to engage in during the event.  The platform needed to offer an intuitive interface as well as support onsite elements such as provide attendees with key venue and session locations, accessible downloadable presentations as well as provide a dedicated speaker page to showcase their renowned speakers. Moreover, they needed a platform that was also fully accessible via an event app so that attendees could consume the event information on the go.  

Our client also needed tools to promote their event, and to send vital event information before and during the event to keep their attendees informed.  

The solutions

Our clients leveraged the Microsite feature to provide an external landing page containing key event information. They also used the Campaigns tool to track and monitor their email marketing. This provided a great way for our clients to communicate with their attendees without having to use external marketing tools.  

Furthermore, our clients used our speakers and venue page to keep attendees informed of the key event information, this was accessible via desktop and the Canapii Mobile App. They also used the Community Gallery to enable their audience to post their pictures, which provided meaningful engagement throughout their event. The Resource Center was also utilized, and this provided the client with the ability to upload all their key resources which were also accessible to download via the app.  

The results

Our clients informed us that their event ran incredibly smoothly and that they were very impressed with the Canapii Mobile App. Event organizers were very satisfied with the host of functionalities that were offered to them and their attendees. In depth analytics were tracked across all aspects of the platform, allowing our clients to track their most engaged attendees. Overall, the event proved to be a valuable experience for all users. 

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