How Nord Anglia hosted their annual educational summit with Canapii

Nord Anglia education summit banner

About the event

Nord Anglia is a premium provider of international day and boarding schools, located across 31 countries worldwide and approached Canapii to host their 2021, annual Educational Summit. The platform needed to host a series of live webinars and one-on-one meetings for a large audience; equally, the solution had to be user-friendly and required accessible features such as translation and the ability to adjust the time zone to ensure that it was meeting the global audiences’ requirements.

The challenges

With approximately 500 attendees joining, our client’s main objective was to find a platform to host multiple, concurrent sessions which could be streamed across different time zones. Equally, the platform needed to offer an intuitive interface to support a wide range of user technical experience and accessibility.

Our client also needed a platform that could accommodate meetings with different attendee types two weeks prior to the Summit. It was important to our client that speakers could access their sessions with ease and confidence. As there were numerous back-to-back sessions, it was decided that Canapii would provide tech support to ensure sessions were running smoothly and without any technical difficulties.

Lastly, our clients requested that the platform be open for 30 days after the event, so the platform needed to support sessions being accessible after the Summit had ended.

The solutions

As the event was being set up, we soon stumbled across the technical complications surrounding the Chinese firewall. We realized that a large proportion of the audience would be connecting from Chengdu, China. Many video conferencing solutions don’t meet the requirements of Chinese standards and regulations; therefore, this could prevent some speakers from representing throughout the summit. Our technical team jumped into action to identify a viable, work-around solution and realized that by integrating and utilizing Zoom to host these specific sessions, it would enable such speakers, to engage throughout the event. Furthermore, by integrating Zoom, it allowed familiarity within the platform for all speakers to lead their sessions.

To accommodate our clients’ meetings request, we ensured the platform went live two weeks prior to the event date and restricted networking between certain attendee types.

“We feel that Canapii went above and beyond in terms of support, both pre-event and during the event. We are very grateful for their support.”

George Warshaw

Regional Recruitment Director, Nord Anglia Education

The results

The three-day event saw Canapii host over 40 one-to-one meetings and sessions. It was desired that tech support on the day of the event would be provided by Canapii. Members of the Canapii team sat in on each session to go through technical checks and provide support where required however, the intuitiveness of the platform meant that very little support was required, while live in session.

The post-event analytics have proven that the Summit was a success. The first live session received over 217 views which set incredible precedence for the event to follow. The meeting feature was showcased on the landing page, as a secondary highlight banner to ensure its accessibility.

Nord Anglia’s request to restrict networking amongst certain attendee types was also fulfilled. This was done by ensuring that networking was disabled for VIP speakers and that other attendee types were restricted from setting up meetings within their own teams. This was a huge networking opportunity for Partners and Nord Anglia, so this was a key feature for our client.

Canapii also ensured all sessions were recorded so that they could be later downloaded to Nord Anglia’s chosen streaming channel. This can then be accessed via a URL on each session’s tile on the main event page. Lastly, the Zoom integration was utilized well; seamlessly embedding a familiar interface within the Canapii platform that catered to speakers’ need to feel confident in taking their presentations to the virtual space.

Nord Anglia’s reception and feedback to Canapii were great. They commented on Canapii’s user-friendly and intuitive console which allowed them to apply branding & personal touches throughout.

“First & foremost our Account Manager was an absolute superstar, and we don’t think the event would have been a success without her.”

George Warshaw

Regional Recruitment Director, Nord Anglia Education