How JLP productions used Canapii to host The London School of Economics and Political Science’s STRiDE project


About the event

Our partner JLP Productions leveraged Canapii to host the STRiDE project for their client The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

The STRiDE Project was a 54-month study that aimed to examine current dementia practice in seven developing countries, both at a national level and for individual families, to help people living with dementia to live well and to ensure that family and other carers do not face excessive costs that could impoverish them or compromise their own health. The STRiDE Project was a partnership between researchers and NGOs in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa and the UK.

The challenges

As the event brings together research findings across the STRiDE Project and marks the launch of the STRiDE network, which aims to build on the legacy of the STRiDE Project and aims to extend collaboration to support research capacity globally.

The global nature of the event, consisting of hundreds of attendees tuning in from over 30 countries, meant that JLP Productions required a platform that was inclusive and globally accessible.

JLP required their mainstage sessions to be streamed via RTMP link as well as host language-specific breakout rooms. The platform needed to offer an intuitive interface to support a wide range of user technical experience and accessibility.

It was of equal importance to also select a platform that would support onsite as well as virtual audiences.

The solutions

Using Canapii’s RTMP capabilities ensured that the presentation was a smooth packaged broadcast for the virtual audience. Live transcription was also leveraged, and our clients were able to translate to 5 different languages via our live transcription option. Onsite attendees as well as virtual attendees also had the Q&A functionality on all live stream sessions and were encouraged to ask questions to the speaker.

Leveraging Canapii’s integrated web solution for the breakout rooms, allowed for our clients to create rooms based on specific languages. This allowed attendees the ability to enter the breakout rooms which were featured on the main event page.

Our clients also made use of the Resource Center, using this as a hub for resources and easily accessible event content and presentation slides for their attendees.

The results

This one-day conference was hugely successful, and our clients were extremely pleased with Canapii’s functionalities.

The “tech support” tabs were also present in each session were critical in quickly triaging any unforeseen technical issues and user error that arose during sessions.

Overall, the event proved to be a valuable experience for all users.

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