How Lenovo AP hosted their annual Top Gun training event with Canapii

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About the event

Lenovo AP Top Gun event is an internal training program aimed at top executives in the company. Participants at Lenovo’s event are required to attend and watch training videos and undertake tests on different subject matters in order to receive their company certification.

The challenges

Lenovo was in the market to find a platform that offered custom branding and engaging experiences for their attendees to complete their training. The event technology needed to support over 3,000 attendees, who had to be assigned into different groups of attendee types, which would dictate the sessions and engagements that they were required to complete for their accreditation.

The event platform also had to support over 180 simultaneous sessions, across 3 days, inclusive of pop-up polls, interactivity, and high-level analytics.

Lastly, a core component of the event was the tracking of attendees’ activity. This had to link in with a checklist that attendees would be able to refer to, to ensure they had completed their core requirements, and also feed into a leaderboard that awarded badges for being in the top 100 most active attendees.

The solutions

To manage the requirement of audience types, we used Canapii’s attendee type feature. This allows you to set up unlimited attendee types and assign them to registration tickets or manually to individuals, which then auto-sorts these attendees into groups. With this in place, we could then use the ‘Target attendees’ function to assign attendee types to sessions, meaning attendees would only see the training sessions that were mandatory for them to pass their certification – this feature is an easy way to curate the attendee journey and agenda.

The client utilized the “simulive” session content option, which meant all 180 of their sessions could run automatically on schedule without any need for moderation or an event agency.

For the activity tracking, we used Canapii’s gamification feature and assigned points to mandatory sessions and pop-up quizzes to keep track of which attendees had completed the requirements. This data from the core gamification feature fed into a visual checklist on each attendee’s personal profile (a bespoke element that Canapii developed for this event). We also implemented some fun features to the event, including iFrame games for attendees.








Quick polls

The results

The event was very successful and well-received by all attendees. The easy-to-use interface meant that attendees could keep track of their event progress and ensure they were meeting all mandatory requirements for their certification. Notifications and polling were used throughout to help guide attendees on what was happening during the event and assist with navigation to sessions and pages on the platform. Customizations were used to meet branding guidelines and to add extra life to the event, in the form of banners, games, videos, and much more. This meant the prestigiousness of the event shined through, even in a virtual format!

Lenovo’s Top Gun program was also rewarded with a third place position for Campaign Asia’s Best Corporate Award.  

“Ever since COVID happened and all has gone virtual, countless event platforms have emerged, but none have come close to Canapii. Their flexibility, commitment and UX are bar none! So glad we could partner with them for our flagship event.”

Azusa Takeuchi

APAC Head of Strategic Engagement, Lenovo

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