How Canalys hosted their annual event series with Canapii

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About the event

Canalys, a channels-focused IT research firm, hosts their Canalys Forums conferences every year in EMEA, LATAM and APAC. When the pandemic hit, they had to pivot to virtual and bring to the forefront the qualities of their physical event in the virtual world. They needed the platform to be accessible globally, have high levels of engagement and have the ability to host simulated-live sessions and live roundtables open to all 1,500+ registered executives.

The challenges

Our client required a simple to navigate interface, that enabled attendees to curate their own schedules from an agenda of 30+ sessions across the 3 days.

The platform needed to host a mix of simulated-live sessions and live workshops. Each workshop had up to 15 speakers, with an audience between 90-120. They also required an auto-breakout option on each live session to encourage interaction and engagement.

On top of the content, they also had 30+ exhibitors in each region, so required a comprehensive exhibitor zone, with the ability for sponsors to build their own page.

The solutions

As the event had many sessions that needed to be run at specific timings, we used our simulated-live content option, which allows event organizers to upload pre-recorded videos and have them play at a specific time.

This also gives attendees the feeling that the event and sessions are live. For the workshops, the client utilized the Chime breakout integration on Canapii. Speakers could join a session, on video, to engage in industry-topic conversations live with an event audience.

Using the Chime webinar function, the live audience remained off-camera and muted, and for Q&A could use the dedicated interactive bar on the session page.

Canalys also used our auto breakout feature, so they could split the audience into smaller rooms with the speakers to engage further on the topic for 10 minutes, before being moved back into the main discussion again – this kept the sessions engaging and fluid. For their sponsors, Canalys utilized Canapii’s inbuilt sponsor zone feature. Event organizers could give sponsors admin rights to build their own pages, where they can add banners, videos, PDF’s, presentations, podcasts, etc. This gave autonomy to sponsors and saved the organizers a lot of time.







The results

With 4,350+ attendees globally, the events were a success and Canalys received high praise from their attendees. The flexibility of content and session types on Canapii made it possible for them to host a range of sessions, ensuring
attendees were receiving the most high-level engagement and content with Canalys and each other.

With participants from across the world, the AI translation functionalities and time zone
feature were a welcome addition to the event. Canalys’ use of the agenda builder and
playlist rows meant attendees could navigate and book sessions of interest to them, enabling senior executives to carve time out of their day to tune in.

Lastly, Canalys was able to maintain the level of engagement that they get at their in-person events by utilizing two features on Canapii. The gamification and the interactive 5KM run page. Canalys could track the ‘most active attendee’ using the gamification feature and leaderboards on Canapii; points for being active on the platform totaled over 1,400,000.

They also made use of the 5KM run page, keeping their morning run tradition alive.
Attendees could run/walk/bike and upload their activity on the event platform, where they had a tally of total KMs completed and a leaderboard – a fun interactive element of a very busy event!

“The Canapii platform is extremely intuitive, and with the help of the Canapii team we were able to bring the Canalys events to the industry in 2021. Without Canapii and its unique features and flexible team we couldn’t have pulled this off! Thank you!”

Gemma Edwards

VP of Events, Canalys

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