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Drive value to your sponsors from your event

Help your sponsors and exhibitors get the most out of their sponsorship with Canapii’s best-in-class tools to maximize brand exposure and generate leads.

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Increase brand visibility
Allow your sponsors to easily setup their virtual spaces that reflect their brand’s unique look and feel and seamlessly engage with attendees.

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Effective sponsor communication
Easily manage aspects of your sponsors and exhibitors experience from one place.

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Drive powerful sponsor ROI
Make it simple for sponsors to capture and qualify leads; get the insights they need to prove impact to key stakeholders.

Provide incredible value for your sponsors

  • Boost brand visibility and impress your attendees by branding and customizing an entire sponsor’s virtual booth. With links to dedicated breakout rooms for each sponsor, they can easily connect and engage with any attendees who choose to stop by.

  • Empower sponsors to take control of their event experience by allowing them to self-manage their own sponsor zone layout in your event. Enable them to upload downloadable content and see whose viewed it too!

  • Allow your sponsors to select sponsor representatives in their exhibitor zones to allow seamless interactions.

  • Create dynamic exhibitor zones by allowing sponsors to upload welcome videos, photos and much more!

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Feature multiple sponsorship

  • Sponsors play an important role in making your event possible. Thank them for their support and contribution by showcasing them on your event microsite.

  • Group your sponsors according to their levels and display their names, logos, and/or photos prominently on a dedicated section of your microsite. You may also link their sponsor zone to their logos so visitors can instantly check them out.

Instant access to in-depth event insights

  • Keep your sponsors on track and provide a better ROI with detailed analytics and reporting such as number of sponsor zone visits, session views, chat logs, leads and many more.

  • Allow your event admins to view, export and share all analytics related to your sponsors.

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