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Streamline your virtual & hybrid event planning experience

Canapii provides event professionals with all the tools needed to plan and execute events seamlessly. It is easy to use, simplifies the logistics, and allows you to host successful events.

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What’s in it for you?

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Seamless workflows throughout the event journey

Canapii can help you from planning to promotion to on-site operation and to post-analytics.

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Quick and effective coordination among teams

Make communication clear and easy by using the same platform. Delegate and coordinate tasks across various teams efficiently and effectively. 

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Efficient data management

Easily gather online registration details, sort them for different marketing campaigns, and analyze real-time and post-event data for insights.

Create a seamless event journey

  • Deliver a seamless and customized registration process and effectively manage attendees using our platform.

  • Canapii provides you with a host of features to ensure that no stone is left unturned when planning your whole event. We provide you with a place to customize your event, manage your sponsor zones, create polls, monitor your analytics and so much more.

  • We provide an integrated microsite feature which allows you to create your very own landing page. This is a fantastic way to get attendees engaged and registered to your event. Include event information, speaker bios, ticket information and more!

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Track campaigns using our innovative integrated campaign tool

  • Our integrated campaign tool will provide insight invaluable into your audience. We understand the importance of tracking marketing communications and want to make the process east for you!

  • Create email campaigns and easily track open rates, customer interaction, bounce rate and monitor URL click rates within event campaigns.

  • We help you monitor lead generation. Our user-friendly tool will help you track your data so that you know how to personalize your marketing to each customer.

Customer support means everything to us!

  • Canapii offers you all all the help and support you need from our team around the world! We will offer global 24-hour ad hoc support.

  • Dedicated solutions architect and account managers to help you navigate Canapii, making sure you make the most out of all the tools provided.

  • You will have direct access to help guides, an online demo page and event kits as soon as you register!

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