event management software

Create immersive and engaging experiences for your audience, resulting in truly memorable events.

Stay up to date with real-time stats, giving you the information needed to make quick decisions and drive the success of your event.

Extraordinary is in our genes

We understand that you want to make your event extraordinary. This is why Canapii delivers the tools to make you shine. Whether you’re running an event for 50 people or for 5000 people we’ll help you make it incredible.

From personalized registration workflows that enhance attendee numbers to gamification that increases engagement, we go above and beyond the traditional event management software.

We want your event to be out of this world, but the management to be straight forward. That’s the Canapii way.

The future is Canapii

From hybrid events to virtual platforms, that is the story behind Canapii’s inception. Our tools and advanced solutions were built on our own expertise knowing that each event is unique. We want to enable all people to create and participate in fully customizable events – all in one place.

Benefits from:

  • Live streaming and on-demand content for unrivalled knowledge sharing

  • Sponsor management to increase revenue streams

  • Live translation to any language

  • Gamification to drive engagement

  • Live breakouts to facilitate smaller workshop sessions

  • Future-proof hybrid capabilities for virtual and physical event management

Getting started is easy

Try our virtual conference for free, for events up to 125 people. Planning to go bigger? Get in touch.

Event management – the Canapii way

Canapii’s event management app allows you to plan and manage your events on the go, giving you complete control from any location:

Control delegate

Sell Tickets

Build Agendas


Host Live Q&A

View Real-time

and much more…

Who uses Canapii?

How to optimize your online events?

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