Eleanor Martin


Eleanor is responsible for Customer Success and Marketing at Canapii. Her highly popular customer success team guide premium clients through their event experience from onboarding, to training, event planning, speaker rehearsals and through to live in-event support. The customer success team also develop the well-thumbed knowledge base and change log, which has quickly developed a cult following.

Eleanor actively contributes to the creation and innovation of the Canapii product, with her focus lying on improving and revolutionizing the UX and UI design of the platform. She consults with clients on how Canapii can transform their experience. Her success as a project manager for events using Canapii has played a key role in driving the platform’s growth and positioning.   Eleanor understands Canapii inside out, which is fortunate as the product is launching around ten new features every week.

Eleanor joined Canalys in 2017, gaining first-hand experience of in-person events. She has a solid background in project management, working with production agencies on virtual and physical events, driving innovation of event technology, and supporting Canalys’ global vendor, partner, and distributor customers.  She has worked with many of the leading technology companies, surely the most advanced and demanding clients of them all.

Eleanor holds a first-class bachelor’s degree in American Studies from the University of Leicester. Whilst studying, she spent a year reading History and Political Science at the University of Oregon and living on America’s West Coast.  During her studies, she also interned in Marketing and Events team for a total of four years, which is where she first started using digital tools to transform events.