MSSC Sea Cadets Volunteer Conferences 2021

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About the event

The MSSC was formed in 2004 and is the parent charity for the Sea Cadets and Marine Society. The charity is made up of these two very old charities, which merged in 2004. Both helped young people to achieve more and make a life for themselves, often in very difficult times.

The challenges

MSCC traditionally organizes its yearly Volunteer Conferences in various regional locations throughout the UK. However, due to Covid limitations, they were compelled to seek the assistance of their reliable partner Stream7 to host the events online.

The conference was divided into nine sessions, scheduled for Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The aim was to allocate a day for each region so that they could have a dedicated session.

The solutions

The event required a comprehensive online platform that could facilitate registration, live video streaming, interactive features, and breakout sessions. After considering various platforms, the Stream7 team determined that Canapii would be the most suitable option.

Working with Stream7, we developed more than 77 sessions, including both “main stage” sessions for plenary presentations and breakout rooms where MSSC staff discussed various topics.

Stream7’s remote caller technology enabled presenters to contribute from any location for the main stage, while their producers utilized talk-back technology to provide smooth communication with the live hosts.

Throughout the event, Stream7 provided live technical support to attendees and presenters.

The results

Stream7 successfully integrated their TV-quality broadcast into Canapii, resulting in a highly polished and fully branded platform. The breakout session hosts received training from Stream7, enabling them to conduct self-managed presentations that included screen sharing and interactive elements.

After the event, all content was made available for on-demand viewing, extending the event’s reach even further.

The series of events drew over 800 attendees, and the presenters and attendees provided positive feedback.

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