Recreating live atmosphere for virtual & hybrid events

You will make more connections than you have ever managed before.

October 7, 2020

- 1 min read

I bet you are like us. You attend conferences to learn from the content, but you gain more from the connections you make there. We know if we can speak to an event organizer for just ten minutes and give them a swift Canapii demo, then we have more than a 50% chance of winning a new customer.

Canapii has been designed to recreate that atmosphere in the virtual environment. Every attendee can see other attendees (provided they accept our strongly encouraged opt-in request, so we keep compliant) and request a meeting. If accepted, a slot in the event calendar is blocked and more participants can be added. Nobody needs to leave Canapii to join the meeting, and no extra logins or passwords are required. Just one click and you are good to go.

If an event organizer wants to invite all attendees from a country, or company, to a virtual 5km run then our group functions enable that with one click too. All meetings sync with Outlook, and, yes, of course, they are scheduled for the attendee’s local time zone.

If you join a Canapii powered event, then we are confident you will make more connections than you have ever managed before. You will always be one click away from your opponent’s LinkedIn profile too.
We all regret those meetings won’t be as fun as when they took place over a glass of wine. Hopefully, some of that will return soon. Meanwhile, we can still be productive and rapidly make new connections .


Elliot Jakobsen

Global Marketing Manager

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