How can Canapii’s new features contribute to the overall event experience?

Here’s a look at the exciting new features of Canapii’s comprehensive virtual platform for events.

April 29, 2021

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Successful events are about creating connections. While virtual events were already a staple before the COVID-19 pandemic, the past year has seen their role expand tremendously. Just two months after the pandemic first hit, virtual events were already up by 1000%. If you’re in search of the right platform to spark connections for your audience, consider these seven reasons why you should look to Canapii, an all-in-one event management platform of bespoke solutions for all events, whether virtual or hybrid.

1. Your guests will feed included regardless of where they are in the world

From the United States to Asia and everywhere in between, Canapii empowers all participants to engage fully, no matter their location. A global perspective that embraces inclusivity brings the rest of the world within reach. Through event management options like AI live translation and integrated video conferencing, Canapii mirrors the same proximity as an in-person event.

2. Event organizers have access to a user-friendly custom event registration tool

First impressions matter. Since registration is the introduction to your event, it needs to be easy to navigate. Not only does a streamlined registration process ensure attendance, but it also serves as an important source for gathering information. Canapii’s platform provides a list of possible registration fields to choose from, as well as personalized registration attributes that allow participants to create something of their own. You can then match people together based on preferences, assign specific sessions to your attendees, target based on preferences, follow up with attendees, execute lead generation and so much more.

3. Canapii’s fresh, new features can help make your virtual event stand out from the rest

To start, Canapii’s new breakout room feature allows you to split the audience of any session into up to 250 small breakout rooms. This is similar to the breakout room functionality you may have used on Zoom or Teams, but Canapii steps things up a notch and allows you to break out your audience from a livestreamed broadcast or even a video on-demand.

That’s not all the platform has up its sleeve, though. Event organizers can choose from multiple, fun virtual background to shake up their online gathering, in addition to choosing a homepage view that best suits your event’s identity.

Additionally, meeting planners have the ability to incorporate a shared workspace via Canapii’s new whiteboard functionality, which allows meeting and breakout participants to view and annotate a board that can be saved at any time to ensure no work is lost. And when it’s time to connect one-on-one? The platform’s new ‘meet now’ video calling feature enables attendees to privately chat instantly and efficiently.  

4. Speakers have their own space to connect with Canapii’s new green room feature

One of the most exciting new features of Canapii’s virtual platform is the green room. It’s a virtual space for speakers to connect behind the scenes in the same way they would meet before an in-person event. Available in the professional services package, the green room allows event organizers to queue up speakers, creating a smooth and seamless transition. 

5. Interactive platform features offer boosted engagement during events

It’s no secret that events that allow interaction and engagement are the most influential. That’s why Canapii has made enhancements to its current core offerings, improving the way participants engage on the platform. Throughout the event, an organizer can collect responses in real time as they send out polls that pop up. Participants can win prizes while the event is still happening, offering a level of engagement that’s unparalleled. It’s a great means of holding attendees’ attention and allowing them to build community. 

6. Organizers have access to seemingly endless resources

To create an online event that’s as complete as possible, organizers often have supplemental information they need to provide for participants. With Canapii’s comprehensive resource center, organizers can upload attachments like videos, photos and other documents to create a one-stop shop for any online meeting. 

7. There’s something for everyone thanks to Canapii’s diverse package options

When it comes to hosting a virtual event, every organization has different needs. That’s why Canapii offers a package to suit every level, from basic to comprehensive. At the starter level, Canapii’s platform is available for free. With this plan, organizers can build events for as many as 75 people while still utilizing all of Canapii’s core features. Depending on the level of complexity, Canapii clients can choose higher tiers like the “Motivator” and “Driver” levels all the way up to “Professional,” which offers comprehensive options like closed-caption subtitles for live sessions and access to Canapii’s custom livestreaming. 

Efficiency is of the utmost importance when it comes to hosting an event. With Canapii’s streamlined event management platform, organizers can focus on what truly matters: creating experiences that empower the audience!

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Arnel Vacunawa

UI/UX Designer

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